Ozark Trail 45 Quart Rolling Cooler Drain Plug

Ozark Trail 45 Quart Rolling Cooler Drain Plug

If you’re shopping for a cooler, there are various options available on the market. Hard-sided options from Yeti or Pelican boast premium ice retention and long warranties; cheaper roto-molded coolers like Ozark Trail (made by Walmart’s own line) offer great value for your money but come with their own set of disadvantages; in this article we will address one such option, the 45 quart rolling cooler drain plug of Ozark Trail as well as their issues so that before making a purchase decision.

One of the major drawbacks to this cooler is that it does not come equipped with a drain plug, making draining it for cleaning more time-consuming and frustrating. While this problem exists with most coolers, you can easily address it by purchasing an additional drain plug – available both locally and online.

Another issue with this cooler is its ineffective ice retention capability, posing a big inconvenience if you’re going on an outdoor camping or fishing expedition. Constantly having to empty and refill it every day is especially frustrating when on long trips that necessitate multiple refilling stops along the way.

Warping of this cooler can occur when left exposed to sunlight for too long, which is a common issue with roto-molded models and can result in its lid not sealing properly or it becoming unbalanced, impacting performance negatively.

Although these issues with this cooler are among its main drawbacks, they shouldn’t be an deal breaker for most consumers. At its price point, this roto-molded cooler remains an excellent value choice; just read reviews and look at pictures before purchasing it! For any queries or concerns please reach out directly to their customer service number as they will be more than willing to assist.

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