Original Winifred Sanderson Costume

The Original Winifred Sanderson Costume

Winifred donned the iconic witch costume in Hocus Pocus and we want you to recreate her look for Halloween this year. With just a few minor modifications, you can become one of Disney’s most renowned witches!

Our top pick is this luxurious Winnie costume, which may be a bit on the pricey side but provides an instantly recognizable look everyone will love to see on Halloween. Plus, it includes a wig so you can complete your witchy spirit and bring some serious Halloween fun to your party!

For around PS40, you can get this stunning Winnie costume that will have everyone envious at your party. Crafted from green and purple fabrics with lace up top featuring snake medallion detailing, the dress comes complete with the necessary wig to complete the look!

Sarah Sanderson fans, this costume is the ideal choice. It features a modern take on her iconic look with lace up skirt with bell sleeves and matching jacket. You can complete the ensemble with heels and some red lipstick for that authentic Hocus Pocus vibe.

Don’t forget to get the new Hally Hocus Pocus Bewitching Shine Set for your hair so it sparkles under the moonlight! This collab drop has a glamorous touch you’re sure to love wearing on All Hallow’s Eve!

We’re thrilled that a new Hocus Pocus movie is on its way, so we decided to take a trip down memory lane and discover what the original witches of Salem looked like. Director Anne Fletcher recently spoke with Looper about how the Sanderson sisters’ outfits were recreated for the sequel.

Sal Perez wasn’t going to let that stop him from giving their costumes a fresh new lease on life in this sequel! Utilizing 26 yards of fabric, he custom-made all six costumes for each Sanderson sister with some exciting new touches.

In the film, three teenagers revive the Sanderson sisters in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts. They are granted a chance to return home but must use the Black Flame Candle in order to do so. Once there, they can use their powers to summon both remaining witches.

But their stay in their cottage is short lived. Soon enough, the sisters are out and about causing mayhem wherever they go. Dani, their little girl named Dani, runs away and they attempt to take her with them; but Max, Dani’s older brother, lights the Black Flame Candle and helps bring them back from the dead for one night.

On their return home, the Sanderson sisters’ brooms are stolen by kids and Mary declares that she can smell children. But their confusion grows when they witness a man dressed as Satan and his wife Medusa with snake-like curls in their hair.

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