Nyx Color Correcting Powder

NYX Color Correcting Powder Review

Color correcting powder is an effective way to even out your complexion prior to applying foundation. As an easy and lightweight loose mineral powder, color correcting powder helps you achieve a natural matte finish with ease. Available in several shades and free from parabens and talc, this safe product will surely transform the way your face looks!

NYX Cosmetics provides many quality products, but one of their best is color correcting powder. Their website even provides an interactive chat feature so you can talk directly with an expert and ask any questions regarding usage or ingredients used within. You may even get helpful tips and tricks!

Color correcting powder aside, they also offer an extensive selection of makeup products including sets, concealers and foundations that will enable you to create flawless looks.

Makeup Sets

There are various makeup setting sprays on the market, each offering different formulas and tailored specifically to the skin type and desired finish of their users. When making your selection, be sure to choose a product that works well with both.


Concealer is an invaluable product to have in your makeup bag as it serves as the first step of many makeup looks. Concealer can be used to conceal dark marks, discolorations spots, or under-eye circles and can make for the perfect starting point in creating any new makeup look.

When it comes to concealer application, choosing one a shade lighter than your skin tone is key to successful use. Not only does this allow it to blend seamlessly into your complexion without looking cakey but it will also ensure it matches up with the foundation color perfectly.

Coverers come in various forms – creams, liquids and tubes with applicators are among the options – with the latter often offering greater coverage. But remember: only use small amounts at a time!

NYX provides three colors of Color Correcting Powder, each offering their own special properties. All three offer matte finishes with paraben- and talc-free formulas to make them suitable for use on skin.

Green neutralizes redness while Banana neutralizes, highlights, and sets for an even complexion, and Lavender brightens yellow undertones for a fresh complexion.

Those with darker undertones should select a powder containing more blue or purple to neutralize redness, minimize broken capillaries and counteract light spots or hyperpigmentation. These colors work wonderfully in helping neutralize redness, reduce broken capillaries and counteract light spots or hyperpigmentation.

People with orange-y skin tones should try using pinkish yellow-colored powder as another excellent option to reduce broken capillaries; these powders can often be difficult to find in stores.

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