Norwalk Car Wash

Planning Commission Meeting on Norwalk Car Wash

Many residents of Norwalk have expressed their concerns over the proposed car wash in their neighborhood. They are worried about the impact it will have on the neighborhood, including pollution, traffic, and safety. They also are concerned about the impact it will have on the children who live nearby. Three blocks away from Norwalk High School, Corvallis Middle School and Norwalk High School is the car wash. Luis Navas (a planning commissioner) expressed concern for the safety and well-being of the children. However, RMG development director John Clay dismissed community concerns, saying that it was a land use issue. Gabriel Garcia, the only commissioner who voted against the project, was left.

While some community members are against the car wash, others are in favor. To make way for affordable housing, the Norwalk Classic Car Wash, at 11565 Firestone Boulevard is to be demolished. Red Mountain Group, the developer, has 10 days to appeal against the decision to the city council. Residents voiced concerns at the Planning Commission meeting and claimed that the proposed car wash would lead to the loss of many jobs in the area. In addition, a member of the Norwalk La Mirada Unified School District argued against the project.

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