Nina Dobrev Neck Tattoo

Nina Dobrev Neck Tattoo Revealed!

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and her Olympic gold medal-winning boyfriend Shaun White have been sharing a ton of pictures from their tropical vacation in the Maldives! On Saturday, the two shared a truly suggestive snap of Nina bending over with her hand on one hip while Shaun stood behind her.

She’s wearing a strapless yellow bikini and has her toned abs clearly visible in the picture. She’s also barefoot in the sand!

This pic is definitely making fans want a tropical vacation right now. It’s clear she’s in a good mood and is having fun! She’s clearly enjoying herself as she smiles for the camera.

Another snap shows Nina bending over as she hands a coconut to her boyfriend. He’s standing behind her with a straw peeking out of it!

Those who have followed Nina’s Instagram account for a while might know she’s a coconut lover. She even posted a photo of herself drinking a cocktail out of a coconut, which she captioned, “coconut or cocktail?”

The two had a lot of fun together while on their Maldives getaway. They shared tons of photos and videos from their trip. They’re also known to be a close couple and support each other’s acting careers!

She also had a few tats inked on her body. She has a “Honest to God, knock me out” hand tat, as well as leaves, a star and moon design and heart tattoos on her arms.

Some of her tattoos are pretty big, so she could have done a little bit of legwork to get them to look this good! She’s also got a lot of tattoos in her neck area, including a small tattoo with an arrow and a butterfly on it.

Her other tattoos include a dragon on her chest and a star on her back. She’s got some tiger tattoos on her forearm, too.

She has also got some tattoos on her feet, but they aren’t that big. She’s got a few small ones on her ankles, too!

Aside from her tattoos on her body, Nina has a few other tats on her face. She’s got a pair of eyes on the base of her neck and a diamond in her ear. She’s also got a “Tree of Life” inked on her left eyelid, which is actually just a stencil.

This is a very small tattoo, but it’s definitely a nice touch. She’s also got some more small tats on her wrists and fingers.

Some people might not like her tats, but she’s got a great personality and can really connect with others. She’s a very caring individual, and she always wants to make sure her friends and family are happy.

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