New Freezer Release Date

New Freezer Remix by Rich the Kid and Kendrick Lamar

Rich the Kid and Kendrick Lamar’s track “New Freezer,” released last September, continues to gain new life through viral challenges and its incredible chart success. Already over 35 million YouTube views have been recorded for this ode to bling!

This clip opens with a young couple curiously staring into their freezer, discovering dinosaurs and other creatures roaming within a pocket world they created by defrosting overnight. Curious to know more, they decide to turn on the freezer and watch as its civilization expands further; eventually forming into a pyramid at its center, followed by flashes of lights across their kitchen.

Louis the Child has featured this video in his live sets since 2018, and now you can take part in its popularity! Working alongside Whethan, they’ve produced an energetic remix which will inject energy into any playlist – check it out below!

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