Neil Breen Net Worth

Neil Breen Net Worth

Whether you are a fan of Neil Breen or not, there is no denying that his name is one of the most respected in Hollywood. This is a factor that can be easily seen in the fact that he has received numerous awards and nominations throughout his career. He has also been praised for his role in the movies, “The Last Man on Earth,” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” He has also received nominations for his work in television shows, such as “Homeland.”


Architect, real estate agent, filmmaker and actor, Neil Breen has made a great name for himself in the filmmaking industry. He is an independent filmmaker, whose films have garnered a cult following for his writing and editing style.

Breen was born on the East Coast of the United States. He started out his career as a real estate agent in Las Vegas. He earned a degree in architecture from California. He then worked as an architect and earned a lot of money. He then decided to change his career and became an independent filmmaker.

The first film that Breen made was called Double Down. The film features a hacker who is imbued with supernatural powers. He also faces the consequences of his actions. It features a scene that took 29 takes to perfect.


During the last decade, Neil Breen wrote and directed five feature films. These films are produced under his company 2022 App Spring, Inc. Despite the fact that they are considered low budget, the films have enjoyed a cult following.

The films are entertaining but they are also very dark. During the course of these films, Breen spouts out rants about how establishment institutions are destroying the environment. He also views these institutions as cheaters and hypocrites. This is the crux of his filmmaking philosophy.

In Double Down, Breen plays a former army pilot who is trying to save Las Vegas from terrorist attacks. The film is also featured on Netflix’s DVD library.

Personal life

Despite the fact that Neil Breen has a storied existence, he still manages to keep tabs on his fans by providing them with the goods. In fact, he makes his living as a self-made filmmaker. His latest and greatest is a low budget film starring the likes of Will Smith, Kevin Spacey, and Bruce Willis. It’s the first of its kind, and has already garnered a fair amount of buzz.

Neil Breen was born on November 23, 1958 in New Jersey, USA. He studied architecture at a college in California and is currently a licensed architect. His other gigs include being a real estate agent and a filmmaker.


Besides being a famous filmmaker, Neil Breen is also a philanthropist. He is a multi-millionaire and one of the wealthiest directors in the business. He also has an assortment of hobbies, including golf, tennis, and even a dash of sailing. He also boasts a large and rambling family, including daughters and sons. Despite his success, Breen has not yet gotten around to revealing his marital status.

Neil Breen has been a director for more than two decades and has made five movies to date, with a handful of notable flops. In addition to his directing bona fides, Breen has also been responsible for producing a few notable commercials.


Known as an independent filmmaker, Neil Breen has a net worth estimated to be around $2 million. He is an American film director and real estate agent who was born on November 23, 1958 in the USA. He was raised on the East Coast.

Before switching to a career as a filmmaker, Neil worked as a real estate agent in Las Vegas. After earning enough money, he began making independent films. In addition to filmmaking, he earned money as an architect. Eventually, Neil Breen became an authorized architect in California.

Although Neil Breen is a successful filmmaker, he doesn’t want his personal life to be a part of the spotlight. He doesn’t want to be part of a Hollywood insider’s club.


Besides being a successful American Film director, Neil Breen has also earned a cult following among the indie crowd. His films have garnered cult status for their writing, acting, and low budget production values. The aforementioned film was even ranked the 21st best B movie of 2014 by Paste Magazine.

Neil Breen has a Twitter following of 42K. He also has a Facebook page with over 3000 likes. The aforementioned social media accounts have been a boon to the upstart filmmaker. His burgeoning following has led to an influx of movie memorabilia and other schtuff. Despite the numerous hoops he has to jump through in order to produce his films, the results have been a resounding success.

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