Nastya Nass Net Worth

Nastya Nass Net Worth

Known for her clothing line, YouTube channel, and boyfriend, Nasia Nassar, who is also a fitness model, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her clothing line, Nassar, is based on the fashion of Latino culture. This clothing line includes a variety of colorful dresses and tops. Besides her clothing line, Nassar is also a fitness model and a twerking instructor.


Unless you are a fan of the likes of Nass, you may not have heard of her but she is not the first name on your list of YouTubers. The aforementioned social media star started out as a YouTuber of the year contender in 2006. She has amassed over 1.3 million subscribers on the video sharing network and has garnered the accolade of a cult favorite among the tweenies in her social circle. Despite her hectic schedule, she has managed to maintain a relatively nippier than tweenier social life. She has a plethora of poop ejectors, but luckily for her, she has never been slapped with one. She has a dashing wardrobe and a dashing smile, which is something for which a teetering phalanx of a poop ejector would envy.

Twerking instructor

Despite a relatively low net worth, twerking instructor Nastya Nass has amassed a very strong following on social media. She has over 8.3 million followers on her Instagram account and she is also a very popular YouTube star.

Nastya Nass was born on December 5, 1994 in Ukraine. She is a fitness trainer, twerking instructor, model, and dancer. She has a YouTube channel where she shares her dancing tips and tricks. She has also produced articles on health and nutrition.

Nastya Nass was trained as a dancer at the Art People dance studio. She has also worked with several brands as an endorser. She has also launched her own line of clothing, called NastyaNass.

Nastya Nass’s main sources of income are her YouTube channel, her twerking videos, and her dancing career. She has a YouTube channel with over 1.18 million subscribers.

Fitness model

Whether you’re a twerk dancer, fitness fan, or just someone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, Nastya Nass is here to help. She’s a fitness model, fitness trainer, and brand endorser. She’s been able to earn a net worth of $1 million and more thanks to her YouTube channel.

She also runs a clothing line called NastyaNass. She’s also a vegan lifestyle coach, and shares her own personal content on YouTube. Often, she’ll post hot photos of herself.

Nastya was born in Ukraine. She graduated from the University of Customs and Finance in Dnipropetrovsk. She now lives in Miami, Florida, USA.

Nass has an Instagram account, which she uses to share her own content as well as to promote her twerk dance career. She also has a YouTube channel, where she shares dancing videos. She has more than 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube.


Known for her Instagram account, fitness trainer and model, Nastya Dawson, also known as Nastya Nass, has become a star in the world of social networking. She is a Ukrainian model, twerk dancing teacher, and fitness trainer. Nass’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She is a social media star and shares lifestyle selfies on Instagram. Her Instagram account has over a million followers.

She has earned her net worth from partnerships with sponsors. Nass also enjoys travelling. In her travel videos, Nass has shown her love for animals. She has a dog as her zodiac animal. Known for her bikini modeling shots, Nass also shares fashion selfies and lifestyle content on Instagram.

Nastya Nass was born on December 05, 1994, in Ukraine. She is of mixed ethnicity. She has dark brown eyes and blonde hair. Her height is 5 ft 5 in. She wears a 33 C bra cup.

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