Naoko Takeuchi Net Worth

Naoko Takeuchi Net Worth

Having a Net Worth of $1 Million dollars, Naoko Takeuchi is one of the most famous Japanese actresses of all time. She is best known for her role in the popular TV show “Sailor Moon”. But, she also has a career in the music industry, and her songs have been featured on numerous albums.

Sailor Moon

Among the top manga artists in Japan, Naoko Takeuchi is one of the most successful. Her series, Sailor Moon, has sold millions of copies worldwide. The franchise has spawned two anime series and a live-action movie. In total, her manga has sold over $35 million copies.

Naoko Takeuchi was born in Kofu, Japan on March 15, 1967. She is the daughter of Ikuko and Kenji Takeuchi. She graduated from Kofu Ichi High School. She studied chemistry at Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy. After graduating, she became a licensed pharmacist.

Takeuchi was heavily involved in the production of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV series. The series became an international multi-billion dollar franchise. In total, she has written 18 manga, including the Cherry project and Chocolate Christmas.

She has worked with Toei Animation on several anime series including Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She also wrote several songs for the Sailor Moon series. Naoko Takeuchi has been a member of the temple maiden at Shiba Daijingu Shrine.


Currently, Naoko Takeuchi is the best known for her Sailor Moon manga series and Codename: Sailor V manga series. She has also received several accolades and awards for her work. For instance, she won the 17th Kodansha Manga Award in 1993 for her Sailor Moon manga. She also received the 2nd Nakayoshi Comic Prize for Newcomers in 1985.

Despite her fame, Naoko Takeuchi is also involved with other projects. Her Sailor Moon Crystal manga series began in 2014 and continued through 2016. She was also involved with the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series from 2014 to 2016. Currently, Naoko Takeuchi is working on the Toki*Meca website.

Naoko Takeuchi was born on March 15, 1967 in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. She graduated from Kofu Ichi High School and attended Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy. She then went on to receive her degree in Chemistry. She then got married to manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi. She has two children with Togashi.

Togashi Yoshihiro

During the late 1990s, Naoko Takeuchi and Togashi Yoshihiro became a “supercouple” in the manga world. They worked together on several dojinshi, and the couple has two children. In 2004, they kept their relationships relatively private.

Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of the popular manga series Sailor Moon. She and Togashi met at a gathering for manga artists. The pair decided to work together on a children’s book. They also worked together on Hunter x Hunter.

The couple has two children, a daughter and a son. They married in 1999. Their wedding was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. They honeymooned in Spain.

Naoko Takeuchi and Togashi have a son together. He is known as Petit Ouji. He is also known as “small prince” by his mother.

Takeuchi and Togashi worked on Sailor Moon and Hunter x Hunter together. They have also worked on many other manga series. They have been called the “Princess” and “Prince” of the manga world.

Personal life

Despite being one of the most popular manga creators of all time, Naoko Takeuchi is a private person. Her fans can trace her life back to her birthplace of Kofu in the Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. She has two siblings, a younger brother named Shingo and a son named Prince Yoshihiro.

Naoko Takeuchi studied at Kyoritsu Yakka University, earning a degree in Chemistry. She worked as a pharmacist at Keio Hospital in Tokyo. She published her first manga while studying at Kyoritsu. Among her first manga were Chocolate Christmas (1987-88) and Maria (1989-1990).

Naoko Takeuchi married renowned manga-ka Yoshihiro Togashi in 1999. The couple have two children. They also co-wrote a children’s book. This book was intended as a birthday gift for their son. Takeuchi and Togashi became a “supercouple” in the manga world. They have also produced many dojinshi, or independently published Japanese comics. Takeuchi has said that love is a crucial component in each manga she creates.

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