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How Much Does Nandi Bushell Make?

Besides being a rockstar, Nandi Bushell also has a YouTube channel. That is how she is able to get her name out there, and it’s also how she makes a lot of money. However, what is the exact amount that she makes?

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Regardless of whether or not you’re a diehard fan of the Foo Fighters, Nandi Bushell is a savvy kid. She’s been performing with the rockers for a few years now, and is making headlines for her musical ability. She’s also a YouTube sensation, and is known for her expressive covers of popular songs. She’s got a huge social media following, and has racked up over 750k followers on Facebook.

As far as YouTube goes, Nandi is the best-known of all of her competitors. She’s got an impressive number of subscribers on her channel, and has a few covers of popular rock songs under her belt.


Known for her amazing drum cover performances, Nandi Bushell has gained a lot of attention over the years. She has appeared on numerous shows and has a slew of impressive cover tracks to her credit. In fact, Bushell has performed with the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Dave Grohl. And she has even managed to make her way to the United States.

Nandi Bushell’s music has been played on numerous television shows, including the O2 in London, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tour. She has also been featured on the Modern Drummer magazine cover. And she has recently landed a spot on Cartoon Network’s kid-musician-in-residence program. She is the first kid to do so, and she has been featured in a number of shows on the network.


Whether she’s drumming along to a popular song, or voicing her opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement, Nandi Bushell is winning fans and earning billions of views online. A South African-British musician and social media personality, Bushell is also the owner of a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, where she’s earned a fan base of hundreds of thousands.

Nandi Bushell was born in South Africa, but moved to England when she was only a few years old. She is currently living in Ipswich, Suffolk, England with her parents, John and Lungile Bushell.

Nandi’s parents are music sweethearts, and her love of music was apparent early on. Nandi first started playing the drums when she was just a few years old. She passed her drum test at an early age, and she has been sharpening her skills ever since.


Known for her drum covers, Nandi Bushell has gotten the attention of many famous musicians, including Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. She is also an actress and singer.

Her parents have been supportive of their daughter’s musical endeavors. They have encouraged her to explore music at an early age, and her father even taught her to play the drums.

Nandi has been playing the drums since she was five years old. She is a prodigy multi-instrumentalist, and has mastered the drums at such an early age. She can also play guitar, keyboard, and bass.

Nandi’s family moved to the United Kingdom when she was a child. Her parents introduced her to their favorite musical artists, including the Beatles. She also loves to spend time with her family. Her parents make sure that Nandi stays in touch with her South African heritage.

Relationship with Dave Grohl

Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of the Foo Fighters, you have to admit that Dave Grohl is one of the greatest guitarists in the business. His music has landed him on the cover of Guitar Player magazine and his name is credited as the frontman of Foo Fighters.

He has also lent his vocal talents to several other bands including Them Crooked Vultures and The Cult. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Dave Grohl is a self-contained, thoughtful individual. He values tradition and the wisdom of the ages. He is also an excellent strategist. He is shrewd and does things the hard way when he needs to.

YouTube channel

Throughout the years, Nandi Bushell has gained a following on YouTube. She has been a drumming sensation since she was only five years old. With a dream big attitude, Nandi is an inspirational young woman who has made her mark on the music industry.

Nandi Bushell has performed with her father, John Bushell, in the band Seven Nation Army. She is also a drummer, and has performed alongside Dave Grohl, the drummer for Foo Fighters. She has also played guitar, bass, and drums.

Nandi Bushell has a YouTube channel where she posts her covers of famous rock songs. Her first cover, a cover of System of a Down’s ‘Chop Suey’, went viral.

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