Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding Costume

Make a Statement This Halloween With This Nancy Kerrigan and Nya Harding Costume

Make an impressionful statement this Halloween with this Nancy Kerrigan to Tonya Harding costume, guaranteed to please those familiar with figure skating’s scandal of 1994 involving thug friends of rival skater Nancy Kerrigan who attacked Harding after she had attacked by Gillooly’s friends – it will undoubtedly draw comparisons between them both nationally!

This tale is so bizarre, tabloid-y and profoundly American that it’s easy to see why this fabled incident has spawned numerous works of fiction and movies about it – none more so than 2017’s I, Tonya with Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding who fights fiercely for her dream despite all odds.

This film takes viewers through Harding’s challenging personal life, from her difficult childhood and volatile relationship with Lavona (her mother) through her love for ice-skating – her one true passion – which led her to success on the rink. However, such success comes at a cost and eventually Harding meets her dim bulb of a husband and the cycle begins again.

While the movie could use some trimming, and certain subplots could be cut, Steven Rogers’ screenplay is superb and makes great use of personal interviews with actual people involved to heighten its emotional impact. The first hour is superb and its story unfolds beautifully – an eye-opener indeed!

Robbie shines in this film with her portrayal of Harding as an intriguing combination of flawed, driven, and immensely talented figure skater who was often overshadowed by her own ego. Even when Harding was treated unfairly in the media and 24-hour news cycle, she convinces audiences that they should empathize rather than disdain her character.

Harding was an outstanding and widely beloved figure skater who unfortunately became the target of some despicable individuals who orchestrated an elaborate plan to bring her down, even after her death. That these individuals still exist is astounding.

Though we cannot condone their actions, it’s important to remember that all individuals have the right to dress however they choose – and those looking to channel their inner Nancy Kerrigan Tonya can do just that with these looks that you can recreate this Halloween!

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