Monet Mazur Face Lift

Monet Mazur Face Lift – Did She Have a Facelift?

Fans of All American have undoubtedly taken note of Monet Mazur’s dramatic facial transformation over the course of her tenure on the show, leading them to speculate she might have undergone plastic surgery to alter her look.

After appearing in the latest series of All American looking different than she used to, speculations regarding a nose job began. Her face seemed slimmer and more defined while her nose became slimmer and pointeder; additionally, her lips appeared fuller making her more seductive and garnering much public attention. The drastic transformation caused great interest from members of the public who saw her changing appearance.

People first noticed her as appearing younger due to smoothed-out wrinkles and lines – often caused by Botox injections – although she has not confirmed whether or not this had taken place. Others speculate that she might have also received lip fillers; this information has yet to be confirmed by her.

Her new nose appears significantly more pointed than its previous version, another telltale sign she underwent rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is an increasingly common plastic surgery procedure used to change the shape and size of one’s nose; many actresses and other well-known celebrities have undergone this surgery to enhance their chances in Hollywood.

As well as receiving a nose job, she may have undergone additional plastic surgeries as well. Perhaps her forehead and eyebrows were also altered with facelift surgery or perhaps she underwent liposuction to sculpt her cheekbones to get that desired result.

Monet Mazur must have felt tremendous pressure from her fans to undergo plastic surgery, prompting her to take to social media in order to explain herself and clear up any confusion surrounding the subject of plastic surgery. She admitted she did undergo nose job procedures but did not disclose exactly which types. Furthermore, she offered reasons as to why this decision had been taken which ultimately increased support among fans for Monet’s decision.

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