Miona 90 Day Fiance Hair

90 Day Fiance Alum Miona Bell Experiments With New Hairstyles

Miona Bell has long been known for her signature ponytail style, but recently she made a bold change and fans are loving it!

She also showed off her natural hair, something she hadn’t done much of before. Posting a photo on Instagram, fans were amazed by how beautiful she looked without any makeup on.

Miona’s new hairstyle features her long locks pulled into a low ponytail and she created an elegant bun using the remainder of her locks. It looks fantastic, and Miona’s stylist did a beautiful job styling it.

Miona has come out of her comfort zone and now must learn how to make her mark as a stylist. In order to remain successful, she must put in more effort than ever before.

But that doesn’t stop her from trying new looks to stay ahead of the competition on social media. She understands the importance of evolving her style if she wants to remain popular and relevant, so she’s willing to take risks in order to stay ahead.

Her latest hair transformation features extensions with honey blonde balayage highlights, and the results are stunning! The wavy style was the perfect complement to her style, leaving followers in awe at how quickly it transformed.

She even posted a video to her Instagram account showcasing the transformation, which had her fans in awe. The clip features before and after photos so viewers can get an inside look at what it took for her to achieve this remarkable transformation.

Another reason the look is stunning is because she chose a color that perfectly complemented her skin tone. Many fans were delighted with the new style, and she received numerous comments and likes for her post.

Though many 90 Day Fiance fans have had their fair share of criticism about Jibri and Miona, it appears they have created a strong marriage and survived many difficult moments together. It’s evident they genuinely love each other, so it will be interesting to see where their journey takes them next.

Miona has also launched a beauty line that sells hair extensions at an affordable price point. Her products come in various styles and lengths, so customers can find what they’re looking for at an affordable price point.

So far, her business has been a huge success; she’s been able to ship hundreds of boxes of extensions out to customers and made enough money for a Porsche car!

Miona is an accomplished entrepreneur and businesswoman, and her beauty line has helped her expand her brand and reach. If she keeps up with her marketing strategies and develops more products, we may see more of Miona’s hair in the future.

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