Miley Cyrus Bulls Jersey

Miley Cyrus Rocks a Bulls Jersey

Miley Cyrus has long been known for her daring style, and this passion hasn’t abated since her days on the pop scene. On the red carpet, the 21-year-old has donned outfits that go beyond what one might expect in formal wear.

At the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, she donned a see-through dress covered in tiny mirrors and accessorized it with sheer gloves and strappy heels. Later that year, the singer donned platforms as well as an oversize hat at Gucci’s fashion show.

Cyrus has been touring with her band The Dead Petz and has been known for putting on intimate and energetic shows. She’s performed in intimate venues as well as stadiums, always keeping the audience on their feet throughout each set.

On Thursday night in Chicago, Cyrus broke from her typical repertoire and focused on new material from her latest album Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. She opened with “It’s Time” before playing several hits off that album – including the title track.

She donned a blue and silver two-piece outfit adorned with feathers and beads. The halter top featured an open backless design and ripped pieces at the front, while her miniskirt had asymmetrical pleats.

In addition to her eye-catching ensemble, she accessorized it with red lip stick and matching high heel sandals adorned with studs and beads. For finishing touches, she accessorized with multiple gold necklaces, stack rings and bracelets.

Her latest Instagram photo, posted on Sunday, serves as a reminder that she’s still in an irreverent mood. She’s posing provocatively in what used to be Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls jersey – an apt advertisement for her new song “23,” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.

Though the video may be a slight ripoff (Cyrus and her team members wearing Jordan’s shoes), it serves as an entertaining homage to one of basketball’s greatest players ever. Furthermore, this music video serves as a great example for how to make your music video stand out on social media, especially for a star like Cyrus who is known for her daring fashion choices.

For her next big show, the 21-year-old donned an even sexier ensemble: a backwards baseball hat, white Chicago Bulls jersey, and Saint Laurent striped ankle-strap high heel sandals. To finish the look she added red lipstick and long red nails.

She completed the ensemble with a pair of black and white leggings decorated with silver stars on the side. Although a bit tight, these outfits still looked fantastic.

Her outfits have been so daring and outrageous that she often wears them while performing. Additionally, photos have been taken onstage featuring foam fingers and molly-faced bears which she utilizes during her performances.

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