Mike Trivisonno Net Worth

Mike Trivisonno Net Worth

Having a net worth of $22 million, Mike Trivisonno is a well-known broadcaster. He has been the host of a variety of programs, including the news show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He also produced a series of shows on his own. As a result, he is one of the wealthiest people in the entertainment industry.

Early life

During his lifetime, Mike Trivisonno became a famous American radio broadcaster. He became famous as a frequent caller on the Sportsline radio show hosted by Pete Franklin. He gained notoriety for his frequent arguments with producers and listeners. He was also ranked among the “Heavy Hundred” of Talkers Magazine many times. He also hosted his own afternoon talk show on Cleveland radio station WTAM AM 1100. During his career, he was nominated for the Large Market Personality Marconi Award.

In his early years, Mike Trivisonno covered sports, news and civic issues. He also appeared in several short films, comedy skits and commercials. He also has a brother, Gary Trivisonno, who is a golfer. He is married to Tami Trivisonno, and they have three children. They were both involved with local charities. Among their many projects, they helped raise millions of dollars for local charities.

Broadcasting career

During his long career in Cleveland, Mike Trivisonno, who passed away at the age of 74, was a well known radio talk show host. His show, the Mike Trivisonno Show, was ranked as one of the top three afternoon talk show shows in the market, and he was a fanatic about local charities. He was married to Tami in 1994, and had three children. He also ran a golf course.

Trivisonno’s broadcasting career commenced with a spot on the radio station WNCX 98.5 FM. He started out as a radio announcer and eventually jumped into broadcasting full time. He worked alongside Todd Brandt, Jerry Shirley, and Rick Rydell. He also worked as a ceramic tile setter and landscaper.

He had a long tenure as an afternoon talk show host at WTAM AM 1100. His show, the Mike Trivisonno show, was a hit and helped raise over five million dollars for local charities. The show was a great way to keep his audience informed about local news, politics, and civic issues. Occasionally, he got into debates with local and national politicians and celebrities. In one of these, he went up against Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

Personal life

During his lifetime, Mike Trivisonno was a popular American radio broadcaster. He was known as “Triv” by his callers and he hosted a radio show called “The Triv Show” on Cleveland’s WTAM AM 1100. Trivisonno died in October 2021, at the age of 74. His death was announced on air by 1100.

Mike Trivisonno was born on September 20, 1949, in East Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Mayfield High School in the Cleveland suburbs. He married his high school sweetheart Linda Conforto. Linda passed away of lung and brain cancer in 2009. Mike was married to Tami Trivisonno in April 2011 in Las Vegas. They had three children.

Mike started working as a broadcaster at WNCX in 1985. He was a caller on the Pete Franklin Show and then became a full time commentator from 1989 to 1992. He was also a frequent caller on “Sportsline”, which was hosted by Pete Franklin. The show was originally focused on sports, but it eventually became a place for discussions about all kinds of subjects. The show’s ratings were good and it competed with Cleveland Indians games on WKNR.


Sadly, we have lost a good friend. Mike Trivisonno passed away on October 28, 2021. He was 74 years old. He has left behind his wife, three children and a stepchild.

Trivisonno’s passing came as a shock. When news broke, people paid tribute to him on Twitter. Then, Trivisonno’s colleagues at WTAM hosted an on-air tribute for him. The show, The Triv Show, aired weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m. During his years as a radio host, Trivisonno raised over $5 million for local charities. He also hosted an annual “Vegas Show Benefit” for a charity called Coats for Kids.

In addition to his radio talk show, Trivisonno was a golf course owner and ceramic tile setter. He also owned a restaurant in Strongsville. He was also a popular radio caller. He had a large following and was considered a “conservative” radio voice in the Cleveland area. He was known for his political and civic stances. He frequently got into controversial arguments with local and national figures.


Among the many media giants that call Cleveland home, the news of Mike Trivisonno’s death has left a bittersweet taste in many a listener’s mouth. Triv’s passing was announced during the station’s morning show, but that wasn’t the end of the story. A quick Google search for “Trivisonno” yields a plethora of tributes to the man. The likes of Cleveland’s finest such as former GM and current GM, John Telich, chimed in with their condolences. Aside from the obvious, such tributes to Trivisonno’s legacy include iHeartMedia Cleveland’s WTAM AM 1100, Cleveland State University, and WKYC, the local ABC news station. These news outlets are also among the many businesses in Cleveland that have thrown their support behind Coats for Kids.

Trivisonno was a long time broadcaster and WTAM alum, and was among the radio community’s most philanthropic aficionados. The station has launched the Mike Trivisonno Fund to commemorate the 74-year-old’s achievements. In addition to contributions from the Kaz Company, listener-favorable contributions include more than $460,000 in gifts and prizes, such as a trip to Disney World and a day at the zoo.

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