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Tattoo Fetish Model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Dumped From Angry White Girl Clothing Line

After a year of scandalous photos and headlines, tattoo fetish model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has finally been dropped by her clothing line. After an Instagram photo shoot featuring Nazi regalia, TMZ reported last week that owner Jimmy Ferrari has removed the inked woman from his business due to her alleged connections with white supremacy.

The San Diego-based tattoo model made headlines after she revealed her 11-month affair with James. Prior to that, McGee had been modeling for Ferrari’s Angry White Girl Clothing line. Photos released last year show McGee in a bikini, holding a dagger and wearing an armband while wearing what appears to be Nazi garb.

TMZ reports that in child custody documents filed in January, McGee’s ex-husband claimed she makes the Nazi salute and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach. According to the report, these photos are “demeaning and disrespectful.”

Another tattoo that caught TMZ’s attention was the letters “W” and “P” on her hamstrings, which are believed to signify white power. However, she revealed to In Touch magazine that these tattoos are simply sexual references.

She’s had numerous other body parts tattooed, such as her chest ring, hip cuffs and shoulder laceration. Furthermore, she is an avid motocross enthusiast.

McGee began dating Luke Urek, a freestyle motocross rider who splits his time between Australia and the United States, after meeting him at Melbourne’s Sexpo event last year. To celebrate Urek’s birthday on Thursday at Eve nightclub in Melbourne before continuing their celebration at Soundwave music festival the following day.

McGee, 25, remains bitter over her affair with James but has moved on to new adventures. She recently fell in love with fellow tattooed hunk Luke Urek and the two are now enjoying life together.

She and Luke met at Sexpo in Melbourne and are already engaged. The two plan on taking a trip to the US before returning home again soon.

Her tattooed head-to-toe aesthetic has earned her the moniker, ‘Bombshell.’

Last year, she revealed her affair with Jesse James – husband to Oscar winner Sandra Bullock – on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. On that show she revealed that she had taken pleasure in sleeping with the former reality TV star.

Now she and Luke, a freestyle motocross rider and tattoo model, have found love. At 25 years old, the mother of two has lived in Australia since divorcing James.

McGee reports that she was informed by a psychic that she would meet her husband down under – and now it has happened!

She claims to have started dating Kiwi skateboarder Josh Rio months prior to her relationship with James. Additionally, she states she had a five-month affair with Australian ice cream truck driver Chris Jones for five months.

The erotic dancer and exotic dancer revealed she has begun dating fellow tattoo enthusiast Luke Urek, who also enjoys skateboarding. The couple met at Melbourne Sexpo event last year and have already inked each other’s names on their arms.

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