Michael Shrieve Net Worth

Michael Shrieve Net Worth

Those who are fans of Michael Shreve might wonder how much money the singer has. He has a net worth of $8 million, according to various reports. Some of the sources of his income include: his television shows, movies, music, and his social media accounts.

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Throughout his career, Michael Shrieve has played in many different musical groups. He has also worked as a session musician, writing for films and albums. He is well known for his adventurous experimentation. He is also respected for his contributions to the musical industry.

Michael Shrieve was born on July 6, 1949 in San Francisco, California. He is a professional drummer. He is currently living in Seattle, Washington. Besides being a musician, Shrieve is also a composer.

Shrieve is best known as the drummer for Carlos Santana’s band. He also helped produce the first eight albums of Santana. He played with the band until 1974, when he went on his own.

Shrieve has also been known for his electronic music compositions. He has worked with artists such as Andy Summers, Roger Hodgson, and David Beal. He has also recorded with musicians like Steve Winwood, Bill Frisell, and Zakir Hussain.

Michael Shrieve’s son, Sam, is also a musician. He plays DW Collector’s Series drum sets.

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Known for his contributions to Santana, Michael Shrieve is an accomplished musician who’s played a variety of instruments in his career. In addition to his drumming, Shrieve is also known for his compositions and his involvement in the avant-garde music scene.

For starters, Shrieve played the drums in Santana’s early incarnation. Throughout his tenure, he played on the band’s first seven albums. His tenure with the band spanned from 1969 to 1974, and during that time, he made his mark as a powerhouse drummer. He also got his start in the music industry as a session musician.

Aside from his tenure with Santana, Shrieve has also played in a variety of bands including the aforementioned Mahavishnu Orchestra, and in the pit orchestra for Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” In addition to his contributions to music, Shrieve has also contributed to the media, notably the television show “The Daily Show,” and the film “Joel and the Volcano.” Among his other notable contributions, Shrieve has also composed music for several film and television shows.

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Despite his lack of a hit single, Michael Shrieve is no slouch when it comes to earning a buck or two. Among his many gigs is a part time stint as a drummer for Etta James. His most notable performance came during the Woodstock music festival in 1969.

Although he was not a part of the band, Shrieve was a fixture at the local bar toting a DW Collector’s Series snare and cymbal set of equal ilk. Besides his day job, Shrieve also happens to be a member of the Istanbul Agop cymbal family. Despite his storable hours of work, Shrieve is a doting husband and devoted father to two children. He has a net worth estimated at millions, if not billions of dollars.

It’s not often a musician can boast a net worth that matches his income. Considering the many gigs he has been lucky to land, it’s no wonder Shrieve has a healthy bank account.

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Whether you are a fan of Michael Shrieve’s music or not, you must have heard of his legendary drum solo. The legendary solo is one of the most famous in rock history and is featured in countless films and television shows. In fact, 40 years ago, Shrieve performed this solo at the legendary Woodstock festival.

Shrieve is a veteran of the rock and roll scene, playing on countless records. In addition to being a member of Sly and the Family Stone, Shrieve also played with the Rolling Stones. He is credited with adding percussion to their record, “Tattoo You.” His drum solo is featured in the film “Woodstock.”

Shrieve is now a member of the Spellbinder band, a five-piece jam band that features guitar, bass, trumpet and piano. Recently, the band recorded a live CD at the ToST club. The album showcases Shrieve’s interest in world music and jazz. Shrieve also recently produced his son Sam’s first album.

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