Michael Par Net Worth

Michael Par Net Worth

Having a net worth of $7 million, Michael Par is one of the richest people in the world. His success has been phenomenal and he has been able to take care of his family and make sure that they all have the things that they need.

Early life

During Michael Pare’s early life, he was a chef in New York City. He had an Irish mother and French-Canadian father. His father passed away from leukemia when Michael was five. He inherited $300 from his father and was planning a career as a restaurateur.

Michael Pare was spotted by a talent scout. He studied under Uta Hagen and Marvin Nelson, and went on to work in restaurants. He became a sous chef in a chic French restaurant in Columbus Avenue. He worked daytime and nighttime in various restaurants. He also did print modeling during the day.

When Michael Pare was sixteen, he joined the National Service. He was drafted into the Queens Royal Regiment and the Royal Fusiliers. He served in Germany and Korea. During the Second World War, his family was evacuated to North Runcton in Norfolk.

Movies and TV shows

Known for his role in the Starhunter television series, Michael Pare is a multi-talented performer who has starred in a few other notable television shows. Besides his role in Starhunter, Pare also starred in the TV series Houston Knights. In the show, Pare played the role of Sgt Joey La Fiamma.

The show aired from 1987 to 1988. The show also featured guest stars like Michael Beck, Michael Murphy, and Joey Gladden. Pare has an impressive resume of movie and television credits, but it was his role in the Starhunter TV series that garnered the most buzz. He also has a notable endorsement deal with Pepsi.

Michael Pare was born in Brooklyn, New York on October 9, 1958. His father was a French-Canadian print shop owner. He was one of ten children in the family. His father passed away from leukemia when Pare was five years old. Despite his father’s unfortunate demise, Pare was a good athlete. He studied to become a chef before embarking on a career in acting.


Whenever you hear the name Michael Jackson, you probably think of the singer, but you may not be aware of his huge family net worth. According to Page Six, each of his siblings will inherit half of his estate when they reach the age of 33.

The Jackson family has a net worth of over $700 million, thanks to their commercial ventures and music royalties. According to Page Six, they receive $8 million a year from the estate. This money helps fund the Prince’s university education and provides fuel allowance. As well as this, the estate provides medical services and a vacation allowance for Prince’s guardian.

Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has a net worth of US$100 million, reportedly. She will receive $67,000 a month from the estate, which will go to her children. Katherine Jackson is currently acting and she has recently released a self-titled EP. She has done covers for Rolling Stone and Vogue Australia. She has also signed to IMG models in March 2017.

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