Michael Levin Net Worth

Levin amassed his fortune due to his success as a conservative media personality, amassing a loyal following and having made an indelible mark on American politics. His income comes from book royalties, speaking engagements, endorsements and wise investments.

He has amassed wealth through investments in real estate and other assets. Additionally, he earned money through product endorsements and sponsorships.

Early Life and Education

Michael Levin embodies many skills and talents. Educated at both prestigious schools on either coast of America, Michael strives to make an impactful mark in this world. Additionally, as a successful entrepreneur he has launched multiple successful ventures including his book ghostwriting firm.

Levin was best known for creating and running celebrity gossip website TMZ, breaking many major stories such as Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest and anti-Semitic tirade against Jewish people. Additionally, he founded and launched the TMZ Tour Bus. Levin was also an avid supporter of Israel, visiting it multiple times throughout his lifetime – his funeral took place at Mount Herzl on Tisha B’Av surrounded by his mother Harriet, sister Elisa and twin sister Dara as thousands gathered to pay respect to this hero of Israeli society.

Professional Career

Michael Levin has held various leadership roles within the financial industry since starting his professional career. He earned numerous accolades, such as MassMutual’s New Associate of the Year award. Additionally, Michael serves on the Tampa Chapter Board of NAIFA.

Levin Papantonio Rafferty law firm and has successfully managed thousands of cases on behalf of plaintiffs, leading to multi-million dollar verdicts for them.

He earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in finance from the University of Florida. Additionally, he is a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity as well as having completed several executive education programs and being an active member of Florida Bar Association.

Achievement and Honors

Michael Levin is an esteemed author whose works have been featured in such publications as the New York Times, Newsweek and People magazine. Additionally, he has written multiple national bestsellers with sales exceeding three million copies sold.

He currently represents California’s 49th Congressional District as U.S. Representative and is actively fighting climate change and conserving America’s natural resources, with an established track record of providing results for his constituents.

Michael launched his financial career shortly after graduating university, working with Legacy Wealth Partners (LWP). Soon thereafter he received the “New Associate of the Year” award. MassMutual recognized Michael as one of their top sales managers of 2008. Additionally he founded Sustain OC which promotes water conservation across Southern California; received Queen’s New Year Honour for Service to Infectious Disease Research from Queen Elizabeth II; was one of three recipients for Sustain OC award, among many other distinctions;

Personal Life

Michael Levin has lived in Tampa for more than two decades and is involved in many civic & charitable endeavors. He holds memberships with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, NAIFA and AALU; in addition to Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla and Tampa Yacht & Country Club.

Michael is an enthusiastic environmentalist. He works hard to combat climate change, protect our natural resources and find solutions for moving dangerous nuclear waste at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Additionally, Michael leads efforts to expand access to affordable healthcare plans, reduce higher education costs and enact comprehensive immigration reform legislation as well as defend women’s right to choose.

He is proud of being the son of military veterans and is passionate about supporting our active duty service members and their families.

Net Worth

Michael Levin is a New York Times best selling author and an experienced entrepreneur, having started and sold multiple businesses – such as his book ghostwriting firm BusinessGhost Inc – as well as writing 22 national bestsellers.

Levin is a highly esteemed financial advisor and co-general agent of MassMutual Tampa agency owned by himself and his father, which they both operate together. He has received multiple industry awards, as well as being a regular speaker on insurance and wealth planning topics.

Levin has an estimated net worth of $20 Million and derives much of his income from being the founder and managing editor of celebrity news website TMZ as well as appearing on television programs as a legal analyst and celebrity reporter. Additionally, he actively invests in various stocks and real estate properties.

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