Michael Kors Belly Button

Michael Kors Belly Button Dress

It’s hard to deny that fashion designer Michael Kors is a trendsetter. His runways are brimming with chic, leisure-class women’s clothing, all designed for the savvy consumer who likes to be seen.

The label’s newest and biggest fad is the peekaboo top, which is essentially a sleeveless blouse with a hemline that shows off the shoulders in the most stylish of ways. The look is a must for anyone who wants to show off that curve without exposing too much of their midsection, a feat that’s even more difficult when the weather turns chilly.

Aside from the aforementioned peekaboo top, Kors also debuted a cashmere shmoo, a piece of sexy clothing that reimagines the classic jumper as a scarf or belt. The snazzy thing is that it actually looks good on both men and women, something that was clearly not the case in the past.

The best part is that this style of dressing is a breeze to replicate, especially if you have the right tools in the box. A quick online search yields countless tutorials and tips, from which you can craft a sophisticated outfit that’s suited to your own sartorial needs and aesthetic sensibilities. You’re sure to impress any of your friends or family with the dress you snazz up with a little elbow grease and some serious planning. The next time you need a quick wardrobe makeover, keep these fashion ideas in mind.

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