Michael Jackson Emoji

Many Michael Jackson fans are excited about the recent release of an emoji. Fans of the late pop star were thrilled to see animated images of him included into an emoji. However, the release of the new emojis hasn’t been approved by the Michael Jackson Estate. Fans are hoping that the estate will release an official MJ emoji later.

WeChat, a multipurpose messaging app that can be used for social networking and mobile payments, launched in 2011, and recently became the world’s largest standalone mobile app with more than a billion users. WeChat added a new Michael Jackson Emoji to its popular messaging app. The new emoji is a representation of the late pop star’s classic diamond gloves and thumbs-up gesture. It was created by Chinese cartoonist Benny Cartoon, whose works are known for being extremely cartoon-like and evocative of the pop icon. Benny Cartoon promised to create more emojis based on the late pop star.

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