Mesa Cars And Coffee

Mesa Cars and Coffee

In September, car enthusiasts across the Valley welcomed back breakfast and cool automobiles for their morning commutes. One of many notable events was an ode to Ford GT legend that was unveiled during this time.

Mesa C&C is a monthly gathering of the automotive community that takes place on the third Saturday of every month from September through April. Located at Red Mountain Promenade on the SW corner of Power and McDowell in Northeast Mesa (just off Loop 202), come on out, park your car, and have an awesome time!

For nearly a year, OC Cars and Coffee has been in development. But it wasn’t until Saturday that it finally made its debut that many auto enthusiasts showed up – including Steve McQueen’s iconic Jaguar XKSS! A variety of companies donated goods for this inaugural show, as did several prominent auto brands including 1972 Panteras, Ferrari LaFerraris and more.

Orange County’s automotive industry is on the rise, with several mini-meets taking place this month. Plus, Revs Institute’s C&C-like is taking place – a museum-themed, non-competitive celebration of cars and coffee. If you want more information about these exciting events as they arise on your calendar, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for assistance.

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