Melissa Mccarthy 9 Perfect Strangers Outfits

Melissa McCarthy and Nicole Kidman at the InStyle Awards

On Monday night at the InStyle Awards, Melissa McCarthy and Nicole Kidman made a striking sight to behold. Donning Armani Prive’s sequin gown, the two looked every inch the stars at the show.

Nine Perfect Strangers is a new Hulu series starring Nicole Kidman as Masha, the owner of an Australian wellness spa that promises to unite mind, body and soul. Based on a book by Australian author Liane Moriarty (also known for Big Little Lies), the show follows Masha as she embarks on her journey.

This show offers an entertaining mix of drama, comedy and suspense that should not be missed. Set in Tranquillum House, Kidman stars as Masha the owner of the spa who strives to help her guests find some peace and serenity.

It’s also worth highlighting that the show serves to highlight some of Australia’s finest exports and products, like P.E Nation – who makes an appearance during some of its biggest fashion moments.

Nine Perfect Strangers stands out among other TV shows due to its truly original story and main characters who aren’t typically rich, famous or particularly smart.

Due to the majority of the show’s major plot points occurring off screen, its cast can act without being constrained by any preconceived character types.

Nine Perfect Strangers is one of the most visually stunning shows to date, not to mention an entertaining watch. What’s even better about it is its truly unique story with well-drawn characters, including a hilarious duo who can outwit each other both on screen and off.

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