Meghan Markle Green Earrings

Meghan Markle’s Green Earrings

Meghan Markle has long captivated internet attention for her impeccable style. From dresses and shoes, her look always seems effortlessly chic; one accessory in particular recently caused quite the stir: green earrings from Queen Elizabeth II herself that she wore this week at Westminster Abbey for an observance service honoring Queen Elizabeth II as well as paying her late mother-in-law tribute with style.

Earrings made of emerald and black diamonds costing half a million each are said to have cost Meghan an estimated total of $500,000. Each earring was set with sapphires and rubies for added pop of color; their intricate detailing allows them to shimmer with every movement, adding another luxurious detail to Meghan’s ensemble consisting of Proenza Schouler off-white bi-stretch crepe cinched jacket and white Crepe Pant by this fashion house as well as Manolo Blahnik BB-White Leather Pump.

As she attends various engagements ahead of her due date in March, Meghan Markle has been showing off her expanding baby bump in various outfits. According to MailOnline’s interview with stylist Lucas Ermitage, Markle has opted for more classic wardrobe instead of maternity brands, using contrast coat and dress combinations and eye-catching pieces like necklaces to draw the eye towards her stomach area.

Here are a selection of high and low Meghan Markle earrings starting at just $14 that we think would help create her iconic look.

Just as Meghan did, you will spend quite a bit on purchasing earrings like those worn by Meghan on her big day – but there are similar styles on the market that may cost less. British brand Rumour London offers this emerald and black agate doublet earring which looks similar to Meghan’s but costs only $49. Additionally, high street retailer Accessorize sells this simple gold hoop at just $12, and ethical fine jewelry brand Tabayer sells ethical fine jewelry pieces that feature geometric designs using cubic zirconia gemstones with cubic zirconias as well as emerald gemstones, available both yellow gold and rose gold plating.

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