Max Jones American Monster

The American Monster – A Look at Janeene Jones and Max Jones’ Secrets

Max Jones and Janeene seem to have the ideal American family, but behind their seemingly idyllic life lies a dark secret. Since their first marriage, their relationship has been tested, and their secretive lifestyle has ultimately lead them to commit murder.

The American Monster is an eye-opening film that exposes the shocking crimes committed in America, leaving you with a lasting impression of just how far some people will go to gain their desired outcomes, no matter the cost. It serves as a reminder of just how far some individuals will go to achieve success – no matter the cost.

In this film, a hit man employed by a notorious criminal mastermind is hired by the FBI to assassinate her boss’ daughter. She outlines her plan with him and plans to collect large sums on her life insurance policy; additionally, the hit man must clean up the crime scene to make it appear as though there had been an accident, according to reports.

She was a con artist and thief, but when her schemes caught up to her, she chose to commit murder instead. She met Max Jones at a music festival where they fell in love.

Their relationship developed rapidly, and soon afterwards they were married and had children. After moving to North Port, Florida together, the couple settled down.

They had a beautiful house and many toys for their children, such as an ATV, boat, and motorcycle. Most importantly, they had an enchanting daughter named Alexandria who is now an adult.

But they weren’t content together, and after years of infidelity between them, Janeene and Max divorced in 2011. After bitter arguments that ensued during this difficult time, she took his car and started a fire that ultimately destroyed their house – leaving nothing but destruction behind.

Once out of jail, Jones began living a more sinister lifestyle. She used her access to an unknown bank account to purchase weapons, ammunition and other items for her crime-fighting skillset, according to the report.

She worked at Charlotte County Jail in South Carolina, reportedly passing notes to another inmate and sending messages to her boss’ wife. In her letters, Lisa referred to herself simply as ‘Lisa’ and included a photo of herself alongside it.

Jones then sent the letters to her boss in Florida, who in turn passed them along to the Florida Department of Corrections who then arrested her for passing them along.

Her arrest marked the beginning of a chain of events that would eventually lead to her being charged with the murder of her husband and several other felonies, including theft by a convicted felon.

Police began an investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding her first husband’s death in 2011, including allegations that she had killed him. After further inquiry, it was discovered that Jones had employed a “hit man” to execute her plans for money on her life insurance policy.

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