Mary Clagett

Mary Clagett is a dedicated member of the Worth County 4-H program. She served as the office manager and a member of the Worth County 4-H Committee. Her dedication to the program has made her an important volunteer and long-time supporter. We salute Mary for all of her hard work. Read on to learn more about Mary Clagett. Her resume highlights her many accomplishments including serving as a state legislator, and on the board for the non-profit Workforce Investment Act.

Mary Clagett was born in about 1902 and died at age 38. She had 4 children: two sons and three daughters. Mary had two brothers and one sister. In the year 1800, she was already thirty-eight years old. She was married to Judson, who died in March 1800. She had a daughter, Della, who died in 1809.

Thomas Clagett was a successful merchant. He died on Dec. 26, 1792 in Piscataway, Maryland. He possessed a large estate. His estate was settled by 1798, and the estate contained several properties, including “Something, Merry Thought Enlarged,” “God’s Gift,” “Apple Door,” and “Two Johns.” In addition to his estate, Thomas Clagett had a handsome house and several other properties.

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