Martial King’s Retired Life

Nayu – The Martial King’s Retired Life

Before becoming the Martial King of the One Horned Tribe, Nayu was an ordinary and average individual. As a child, he joined a martial arts sect and adopted Ming as his surname.

At the tender age of ten, Feizhen’s master decided to test various martial arts techniques on him. This nearly led him to death but he soon understood his master was simply using him as a lab rat to determine whether these methods were safe to practice and would make his body stronger.

After his master passed away, he assumed the title of Martial King/Queen of the One Horned tribe and began to father children by marrying a daughter from each of 51 families within it. This gave each family an equal opportunity at having a talented individual who could potentially succeed them as next Martial King/Queen of their clan.

He had 73 children in total, the majority being daughters. Of his offspring he preferred Phante and Edora – both stunningly beautiful individuals with powerful spirits.

The Martial King was an ingenious and cunning individual who could plan ahead for his future and do some unspeakable acts to ensure peace and prosperity for himself and his tribe in the years to come. He had a whimsical side as well, easily siding with someone then abandoning them when their interest faded away.

His high intelligence and whimsical nature belied his strength and power; he could match the Summer Queen in strength and brute force during battles, using her as a tool to his own gain. He enjoyed making fun of her during these encounters, calling her an Old Lady or Dragon Thingy.

He was known to be quite vulgar during battle, yet he truly enjoyed facing off against powerful adversaries who could match him in strength and power – believing only the Summer Queen stood as a match for him.

After his time as a martial artist ended, he transitioned into government employment at Liu Shan Men security agency where he could earn both status and money. At the same time, he began acting lowkey and never showing off his true power – even to himself!

He was also successful in attracting Shidi, the stunning cousin of Ming Sect leader Ma Yue. Ultimately, she joined their group as well and together they were able to fight off evil Night Fortress faction.

After this, he became a well-known and influential figure within the community. He even acquired his own security team and attracted many followers – many women included – as well as making money through success. It’s no wonder then that his success enabled him to amass such wealth through investments.

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