Manasseh Jordan Net Worth

Manasseh Jordan Net Worth

Throughout his years in the ministry, Manasseh Jordan has been able to give his followers insight into the truths of the universal God. The man has been able to find success in his ministry and his personal life. He has married many women and has a long relationship with his sister, Angela Simmons. He has also built a large church mansion in Orange County.

Bishop Bernard Jordan’s church mansion in Orange County

Among the many things a church can do with their cash is to sell a church mansion in Orange County. In fact, the church has a plan to sell the estate for $1.8 million to a law firm in Goshen, N.Y. The property is valued at about the same as Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s net worth.

In the same breath, the church has a plan to hold a three-day conference for members and friends. The conference costs $600 per person, and each attendee will be expected to make a commitment of at least $10,000. The conference is not exactly the sexiest event in the church’s calendar, but it is the most prestigious.

The church’s mansion in Tuxedo Park has five baths and nine bedrooms, and it boasts a marble rotunda, hand-carved plaster moldings, and a baronial living room. It is the oldest of its kind in Tuxedo Park. It has been used as a church retreat, a religious study, and a place for visiting clergy to hold a Bible study.

Zoe Ministries

Whether you love or hate Jordan, you have to admit that his ministry is touching millions of lives across the world. He’s also a New York Times best-selling author. In fact, he’s written more than 30 books, including “The Laws of Thinking.”

Jordan also has a booming prophetic house of the Lord. Zoe Ministries, a religious organization, is led by Pastor Debra Jordan. It was founded in New Jersey, and now has a national presence. The church has 400 members, who meet on Sundays and Fridays. Zoe Ministries is also involved in conferences.

Zoe Ministries is not required to disclose its income. Instead, it collects money from loyal followers. Its total income is estimated to be $5 million. Its finances include a house, a fleet of cars, and other properties, which it owns or leases.

According to a court filing, the house was appraised at $2 million. Jordan said he was looking to sell it, but needed permission from the court.

Relationship with Angela Simmons

Despite the fact that Jordan has been named as the defendant in a class action lawsuit filed by Jeffrey Molitor, he has yet to respond. According to the suit, Jordan failed to respond to Molitor’s complaints regarding the practice of robocalls made by his ministry. In addition, the suit claims that Jordan has failed to respond to the lawsuit’s requests for copies of his tax returns and his financial statements.

Jordan attended Kepler College for a few semesters and then graduated with a master’s degree from Virginia Union University’s Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology. He also studied at the Manhattan Bible Institute and the Tabernacle Bible Institute in Brooklyn. At age 23, he founded Zoe Ministries in New York City. During his early adulthood, Jordan claimed to have received a calling from God through a dream. Jordan later went on to obtain a purported PhD from Friends International Christian University, which is not accredited.

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