Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

The Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

The Lucky Champ cat litter pan is an elegantly designed, high-quality product that gives your furry friend all the comfort and convenience they deserve. The low entry front makes it ideal for small kittens or elderly cats with limited mobility, while the high back wall prevents litter from scattering on your floors so your home stays clean and tidy.

The Litter Champ features a hood to keep litter out of the cat’s way and prevent it from stinking up your home. Plus, its handle makes for easy mobility – perfect for busy pet parents on-the-go!

This litter box not only has a hood, but it also boasts many useful features that make it an ideal choice for pet parents. Its wide base allows you to place it on carpeting or under furniture and is easy to clean; plus, there’s even a convenient scoop attached at the top for added convenience.

This lightweight, non-porous plastic is an ideal option for eco-conscious pet parents as it won’t absorb odors. Plus, it’s affordable and simple to maintain, meaning you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

The Litter Champ comes in an array of colors, such as teal and purple. If you need a shade that complements your decor, this one’s for you.

Another great feature of this cat litter pan is its double-latch system lid, which secures with your foot when you press a pedal on the bottom. The second part of the lid seals around inside of the pail to lock in smells and keep them away from your home.

In addition to the litter pan, this system comes with a refill cartridge so you can easily add fresh kitty litter when necessary. You can use this system on its own or with other liners.

If you’re on a budget, many cheaper open-lather pans are available on the market. Not only are these affordable and easy to maintain, but they can be combined with other liners or bags for additional convenience.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you can find one to fit your home perfectly. If your cat requires extra room, large pans with low fronts may be suitable.

The hood is an effective feature for keeping litter inside the box, though it’s hard to clean out and not as durable as some of the other hooded boxes on this list. It may be worth exploring if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option, but may not be suitable for your pet.

This cat litter pan is constructed of plastic and available in a range of colors. It’s an affordable option that will last you for years, plus you can recycle it if you no longer require its services.

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