Love Shack Fancy Jewelry

Love Shack Fancy Jewelry

Love Shack Fancy is an understated clothing and home accessories label founded by Rebecca Hessel Cohen – designer behind Fashionista blog and its accompanying bestseller book of same name – to offer sophisticated women and girls clothing with feminine elegance in mind. The focus here lies squarely with female sophistication; therefore Love Shack Fancy stands as an embodiment of femininity and class.

Dresses from this brand may be its top seller, but that doesn’t have to be all you try on if you’re searching for a new ensemble. With sizes ranging from petite to extra large available in designs to suit every need and taste.

Best of all, these products are all ethical and sustainable. The company works with factories and production partners who pay livable wages while protecting the environment and offering fair treatment of workers.

At Peony Pink, they specialize in beautiful pieces with vibrant colors and patterns to meet every need, ranging from peony pink to black and purple, there is something to suit everyone. Additionally, this company utilizes different fabrics such as silks, linens and faux fur to craft pieces you’ll be drawn to for years. What’s even better? Their stunning pieces can often come at surprising affordability! Add one to your wardrobe now.

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