Louis Thornton Allan Net Worth 2021

Louis Thornton Allan Net Worth 2021

Louis Thornton Allan Net Worth 2021

British actor and model Louis Thornton-Allan is on the rise as a celebrity. His Instagram account boasts over 4.8K followers.

He is a promising young actor, currently studying acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City, United States. His most recent work includes the video for Blu DeTiger’s song Vintage.

Louis Thornton-Allan was born on August 19th 1997 in Milton Keynes, England to interior designers Paul and Lisa Thornton-Allan. His parents both designed homes for his early childhood friends before his departure for university life.

Allan also has two brothers, Joseph and Joshua Thornton-Allan. His older brother Joseph works as a senior manager at IMG Models, while Joshua is an accomplished filmmaker.

On October 22nd of this year, Meadow Walker and Vin Diesel tied the knot in a private ceremony. To mark her big day, Vin Diesel escorted Meadow down the aisle wearing her wedding dress!

They had been dating for several months, but their engagement couldn’t wait any longer. On November 20, 2016, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Dominican Republic, joined by friends and family members.

When it comes to their personal lives, both are quite private about what goes on between them. Nonetheless, they did share some details about their relationship on social media platforms.

Their relationship began when they met at a party in London and quickly clicked. When Meadow became quarantined in London, Louis traveled to be by her side during the process – staying together throughout it all.

He is an active supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and shows his support through his actions. Additionally, he has a deep-seated passion for horses that he enjoys riding passionately.

He enjoys drinking beer in his free moments and spending time with friends and family.

Actor John Travolta may not make a fortune from his acting jobs, but he still has numerous projects lined up for him in the future. It is therefore safe to assume that his net worth and income will increase soon enough.

What Are the Net Worth and Salary of Louis Thornton Allan?

Louis Thornton-Allan is an accomplished actor, model, and entrepreneur from America who currently resides in Florida. A student at Stella Adler Studio of Acting, he has already landed some minor roles so far.

His exact net worth is unknown, but estimates place it between $1 and $3 million. His success as both an entrepreneur and model contribute to his wealth accumulation.

Meadow Walker Has an Engagement Ring

Meadow Walker, daughter of Paul Walker, has become a renowned actress known for her roles in the Fast & Furious franchise. Recently she’s been promoting her own movies as well, most recently “Breakout,” featuring Vin Diesel. Additionally, Meadow has an active Instagram following where she recently shared a photo of her diamond ring amongst her followers.

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