Lotus Silk Scarf

Lotus Silk Scarf

A lotus silk scarf is a luxurious, lightweight accessory that you will love to wear. Made from 100% silk, this scarf will compliment any outfit and is suitable for all seasons. This scarf is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to pack. You can wear it with anything from a simple blouse to a more formal ensemble.

The process of making a lotus silk scarf starts with carefully selecting the threads from the lotus flower. The fibers must be rolled and processed within 24 hours after they are picked. Otherwise, the fibers will break. The lotus plants are harvested between April and October. The harvesting team can make between 10 and twenty scarves a month.

The scarf will keep your neck warm in cool days and keep you cool on hot days. This scarf is perfect for men and women and comes in a range of natural colors. Many of the colors are derived from trees, lily flower leaves, and gooseberries. Lotus silk scarf care instructions recommend hand washing in cold water, separate them from other fabrics, and avoid bleaching or ironing them.

The lotus plant is the national flower of Vietnam. It is grown throughout the country. In Myanmar, the lotus plant has long been harvested for its silk fibers. But in Vietnam, it was only in 2017 that a woman named Phan Thi Thuan began working with the lotus fiber. The stems of the lotus plant contain a tiny amount of silk fibers. After drying, these fibers are rolled together.

A lotus silk scarf is one of a kind, and the only one in the world and Europe made of this special fibre. The women in Myanmar make these scarves with great dedication and care using a handloom. They also make a lot of the robes worn by Buddhist monks. This is an extremely labor intensive process, and you can find the scarves you like in our online shop.

A lotus silk scarf is lightweight, breathable, and beautiful. It is ideal as a beach cover up or a layering scarf. This scarf is affordable, and will add sophistication to any outfit. In fact, you can even personalize it to your taste and style. When you wear this scarf, you will be the envy of your friends.

The production of lotus silk is a family tradition that dates back to the French colonial era. A young girl from Hanoi was taught the art when she was six. She began working in the silk fields and eventually started her own business harvesting lotus silk. Today, the silk is a prized fabric among fashion designers.

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