Little Red Riding Hood Costume Cape

Little Red Riding Hood Costume Cape

Are you searching for a costume that will make you look like the classic fairytale character Little Red Riding Hood? Look no further! This hooded cape is made of high-quality polyester and cotton blend material, featuring an attached hood and tie closures to keep it secure. Wear this costume on Halloween or any other special occasion where great looks are required!

The Story

This beloved fairytale has many versions, but most share certain elements. Typically, it follows a young woman as she wanders the woods with her grandmother to pick flowers and is then visited by an unexpected wolf. Additionally, there is usually an unseen hunter who comes to her rescue and protects her from the beast.

Depending on the version, she may wear either a long apron or dress that looks like a polonaise gown with fabric draping in the back. While an apron is an iconic item of clothing for women, this type of draping was unheard-of in eighteenth-century Europe.

Accessories for a Little Red Riding Hood Costume

A must-have element of any Little Red Riding Hood costume is the basket – it’s the iconic part of the story! Whether you find one at a thrift store or make your own, this basket plays an integral role in completing the costume.

Add some sweet bows to your hair for a truly innocent touch that fits Little Red Riding Hood perfectly! Not only is this an adorable detail for any costume, but it’s especially charming when done right for this beloved character!

Lace-up corsets can further complete your costume for Little Red Riding Hood, giving her an authentic look that can be reused after Halloween!

Body Glitter

Glittery body suits are another great option for a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Not only will the glitter give your look that elegant touch, but it can be reused again after Halloween too!


Little Red Riding Hood always wears stockings! Luckily, they’re easy to find at your local department store. Additionally, you can add some adorable stocking bows for an extra special touch!

Hats for Little Red Riding Hood

When selecting a costume for Little Red Riding Hood, opt for a hat that matches the rest of the ensemble. This is the simplest way to guarantee all pieces fit together perfectly for an aesthetically pleasing ensemble!

Capes for Little Red Riding Hood

Selecting the correct cape length is key when creating a glamorous little red riding hood costume. Avoid choosing one that’s too short as this won’t give off the desired effect.

If your child is larger, opt for a longer cape so they have plenty of room to move around inside the costume. Alternatively, you can select a shorter version that will fit a smaller child better.

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