Lin Manuel Miranda Ponytail

Lin Manuel Miranda Cuts Off His Ponytail

Lin Manuel Miranda has made a huge mark in culture through his work on Hamilton, In The Heights, Disney’s Tick Tick Boom! and soon-to-be live action movie of The Little Mermaid – among many others. Yet despite all his success he refuses to sit still – cutting off his beloved ponytail is just part of that fight against stagnation!

As the curtain came down on Hamilton’s final performance Saturday night, Miranda took to social media and posted a picture of his new haircut, captioned with the hashtag “Teach ’em how to say goodbye.” Clearly indicating his move onward from this stage role as actor-writer-composer-singer; ditching his shoulder-grazing hairdo for something significantly shorter was part of it all.

Miranda would do well to remember this when considering all his new projects on his plate. Recently he made his directorial debut with Tick, Tick, Boom!, while already prepping for award season. Plus there is the premiere of Fox series Indulgent as well as Lin-Manuel Unplugged scheduled.

But his most ambitious project to-date will likely be his next film project – a follow-up to Lin-Manuel’s critically acclaimed Broadway musical In The Heights. While most of its cast will return, Lin-Manuel himself will only appear as Himself (lovable theater geek).

Hopes for the new film In The Heights remain high, as its predecessor was an audience and critics’ hit alike. Yet recreating such an amazing feat of theatrical genius might prove challenging considering In The Heights does not contain as many intimate or screen-piercing power scenes that drew people in at theater.

Lin-Manuel hopes Indulgent can be just as successful as Hamilton was, with the right team on board and plenty of #tbts from its debut performance. Alongside acting, writing and directing career, he’s an advocate for arts advocacy as well as having written two books. With wife Vanessa Nadal he shares a three year old named Sebastian after Disney crab Sebastian while last year they welcomed a second child into their lives – both being named after characters in Hamilton! At home they love travel too – there’s plenty of memorabilia from adventures while living in New York but collecting theater posters including original production posters from Hamilton production! As his love of theater grows we know he’ll have plenty of #TBT moments when growing up!

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