Lil Tjay Mom And Dad

Lil Tjay Mom and Dad

Lil Tjay was shot multiple times during an alleged robbery attempt in New Jersey but managed to survive, receiving support from fans via social media and surgery. On his recent Instagram video he gave a public thank you message.

Lil Tjay had always been an unruly child and was brought up by his single mother. He didn’t get along well with other kids in his neighborhood and got involved in many minor crimes and school fights that made his mother very concerned, prompting her to send him away to a detention center for almost one year where he found solace writing lyrics for songs he was writing for himself; something which helped change his life drastically and lead him down his chosen path of becoming an American rapper.

After being released from jail, he started uploading music onto SoundCloud. His first track ‘Resume’ garnered great feedback and quickly gained popularity. Later that year he took part in 2018 Coast 2 Coast LIVE NYC All Ages Edition where he placed first – earning much attention from record labels as he began honing his singing skills further.

Tjay, an immensely talented singer with over three million Instagram followers, remains somewhat private about his personal life but nonetheless boasts incredible musical ability. He idolizes Usher and R. Kelly as musical influences while growing up listening to their music; Tjay plans on creating both straight R&B songs as well as songs tailored specifically for women in his future releases.

Tjay is currently unattached, yet has dated numerous women in the past. Most recently, he was seen dating model Lala Baptiste; they appeared together on various occasions and even featured in one of Tjay’s music videos together. Unfortunately, however, Tjay no longer follows Lala on Instagram which suggests they may have parted ways.

At this time, it remains unknown what led to their parting ways; however, one possible factor could be due to different priorities in life. Lala has garnered huge fandom via Instagram and YouTube as she excels as a social media influencer while Tjay remains focused on his rap career and hasn’t had time yet to settle down or start a family; therefore he seems likely to focus his energy solely on furthering his rap career before finding someone special and starting one himself.

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