Laurie Carini

Laurie Carini and Wayne Carini

Laurie Carini is an American celebrity who is married to TV personality Wayne Carini. They have two daughters. The older one, Lindsay, was born on 20 January 1987 and the younger, Kimberly, has autism. They live in rural Connecticut. They have participated in various charitable events and fundraising organizations.

Laurie Carini is a loving wife and mother. She is proud of her children and their parents. She resides in Portland, Connecticut. Although she is not in the same profession as her husband, she and Wayne share a special bond and are still very close. They have been married for almost three decades.

Laurie Carini and Wayne Carini married in 1980 and have a special bond. They have been supportive of each other throughout the years. They have two children and are set to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in 2020. The couple has not been involved in any extramarital affairs or divorce reports.

Wayne Carini and Laurie Carini’s wealth comes largely from their business interests and television hosting. Wayne Carini is known as a vintage car dealer and also has a television show that features antique cars. The Carinis have built several businesses in Portland and Connecticut. Their income from these activities is estimated to be in the seventies million dollar range.

Laurie Carini and Wayne Carini married between 1979 and 1980. The couple has two daughters. Their youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism at an early age. As a result, Laurie Carini and Wayne Carini have donated to various charities related to autism. The Carinis are spending a happy married life.

Wayne Carini is also a businessman who has his own vineyard in Connecticut. He also owns three car dealerships in Portland, Oregon. He was inspired by his father Robert, who first steered him in a Ferrari and later worked on them at his car repair shop. His father passed away on January 5th 2016.

Carini is a passionate car enthusiast and has appeared on television in several shows. He has a passion for classic cars and has produced two one-hour television specials. He has also filmed a documentary about his life in the automobile industry. The documentary is titled “Chasing Classic Cars” and was shot in high definition.

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