Latoya Cantrell Net Worth

LaToya Cantrell Net Worth – How Much is LaToya Cantrell Worth?

Probably, you have heard of Latoya Cantrell, a famous actress. She is a very talented actress and a popular singer. She has also earned a lot of money from her career and her Youtube channel.

Birth name

Known as the first Black woman to hold a public office in the 300-year history of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell is now the 62nd Mayor of the city. She has served as mayor since May 7, 2018.

As the mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell leads a population of over half a billion dollars and is responsible for several social issues in the city. She works tirelessly to improve the functions of the city. She has contributed to recovery efforts and has spearheaded the opening of the Broadmoor Art and Wellness Center.

Born in Los Angeles, California, LaToya Cantrell graduated from Xavier’s University, New Orleans, with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She also received executive training at Harvard Kennedy School. She was a member of the New Orleans City Council from 2012-2018.


Among the many civic achievements of LaToya Cantrell’s life is the inauguration of the first female mayor of New Orleans. She was sworn in on May 7, 2018. A devoted wife and mother of two, Cantrell has made her mark on city government in the past decade. Before taking on New Orleans’ highest office, Cantrell was a nonprofit management executive. After a stint in the Gulf region, she returned to the Big Easy in 1999. She and her husband, Jason, live in the Broadmoor neighborhood.

LaToya Cantrell’s education credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Xavier University of Louisiana and an executive training program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She has also served as the Secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce at age 13. She has also taken an active role in her community, notably forming the Broadmoor School Board to oversee the reopening of Andrew H. Wilson school.


Known for her commitment to restoring and revitalizing neighborhoods in New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell is an interesting politician to watch. Born in Los Angeles, California, Cantrell studied at Xavier University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She then attended the Harvard Kennedy School for an executive training program.

During her time on the New Orleans City Council, LaToya Cantrell became famous for her work addressing several social issues in the city. She served as a councilperson during early rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina hit the city, Cantrell became an active citizen-activist. She helped the community deal with issues such as blight and public health. She also pushed for better public health results and higher-paying jobs.

Cantrell has been a staunch opponent of gun violence in the city. She helped implement city-wide efforts to reduce gun violence. She also worked to increase the number of police officers. She also helped install crime cameras in her district.

Unpaid taxes

During her first bid for office, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell was at the center of controversy for her unpaid taxes. Cantrell has spent thousands of dollars on luxurious travel. She has used city cash to fly first class to France, Switzerland and elsewhere.

LaToya Cantrell said she and her husband tried to pay off their debt. However, the IRS placed a lien on their property, according to the Advocate.

The IRS put a lien on Cantrell’s home for $19,400 in unpaid taxes from 2018. The IRS says the Cantrells are owed more than $95,000. The Cantrells financed their home to pay off the debt.

A spokesperson for Cantrell says the IRS hasn’t received any payment yet, but the Cantrells expect a letter soon. They’re working with tax experts to resolve the debt. Cantrell and her family have been struggling with debt for years. They say their tax problems were caused by an error with First NBC Bank.

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