Lars Frederiksen Net Worth

Guitarist Lars Frederiksen Net Worth

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Among the most successful and well-known Guitarists in America is Lars Frederiksen. The Californian has been in many bands in the past. He is a songwriter, vocalist, and record producer. His musical career spans from the 1990s. Currently, he is the lead guitarist of the Berkeley punk legends Rancid. He also plays in Oxley’s Midnight Runners and Stomper 98.

Lars Frederiksen is not married but he has a girlfriend. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He is also a season ticket holder for the San Jose Earthquakes.

Lars Frederiksen is an American musician who has been active in the punk scene for many years. He is a singer, guitarist, and record producer. He has also worked with the Agnostic Front and the Dropkick Murphys. He has been a member of the band Rancid since 1993.

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Besides being a guitar player and vocalist, Lars Frederiksen is a record producer. Among his projects are Stomper 98, Swingin’ Utters, Agnostic Front, and Dropkick Murphys. He is a season ticket holder for the San Jose Earthquakes and has been involved with the Millwall Football Club.

Lars Frederiksen’s name may be familiar to you as the frontman for the San Francisco based street punk trio The Old Firm Casuals. He is also a guitarist in Stomper 98. He is also the frontman for a group called The Bastards, and has been involved with several other bands and projects. He is also a member of Rancid.

The Old Firm Casuals are no strangers to putting out an impressive string of 7-inches. The band has also released a couple of full-length albums, including Holger Danske and This Means War.


Besides being a rock star, Lars Frederiksen also happens to be one of the richest guitarists in the world. Lars Frederiksen’s net worth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $13 million. This wealth comes from a variety of sources. Among other things, Lars Frederiksen has played guitar in a number of bands.

Lars Frederiksen has made a splash in the punk rock world with his band Rancid. This group has been performing for over 20 years. Frederiksen has been a part of the group’s lineup since 1993. He has also played with other bands like UK Subs.

Although Lars Frederiksen is best known as the lead vocalist of Rancid, he also plays guitar in a number of other bands. These include Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, The Last Resort, Stomper 98, and Oxley’s Midnight Runners.

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During his career, Lars Frederiksen has been involved with a number of different bands. He’s also a fan of professional wrestling. He’s also a fan of Millwall Football Club and the San Jose Earthquakes. He’s also got a couple of kids.

There’s no question that Lars Frederiksen is one of the most influential punk rock figures of all time. In fact, his contributions have helped pave the way for many bands over the years. He’s also been in the enviable position of being a season ticket holder of the San Jose Earthquakes. He’s even written a new team anthem.

Lars is a fan of the WWE and has even featured in a documentary about CM Punk. He’s also had a few off-the-cuff comedic moments. He’s also got a wife and two kids.


During his career, Lars Frederiksen has played in a variety of bands. He has appeared on many albums and played in several shows, including Saturday Night Live and Madison Square Garden. He has also produced albums for other artists. Frederiksen’s debut solo EP, To Victory, is set for release on November 19 through Pirates Press Records. This EP is Frederiksen’s first release as a solo artist, and it demonstrates his signature sound. This is a very personal, raw, and intimate EP that displays Frederiksen’s trademark confidence.

Frederiksen has released four more EPs with original music. These EPs include a cover of KISS’ “Coming Home,” the original self-titled debut by the Bastards, and a reworking of Butcher’s Banquet. He has also produced albums for other bands, including GBH’s 2010 album Perfume and Piss, and Cock Sparrer’s 2007 album Here We Stand.

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