Lala And Randall Tour

Lala Kent Isn’t Letting Randall Emmett Get Away With Lying To Her Anymore

Lala Kent isn’t letting her ex Randall Emmett get away with lying to her anymore. After discovering him cheating on her in October 2021, the Vanderpump Rules star began exploring his past and discovered plenty of reasons for complaint. During their season 9 reunion, Lala revealed her plans to “put two and two together” and uncover “what really went on”.

She claimed she was still learning about her ex’s cheating, even though he’d been spending time with their daughter Ocean since their relationship ended. She revealed that he had multiple women in his life and even met at a nightclub. Furthermore, she was shocked to learn that he continued living in an Airbnb after she left him.

Now that she’s free from her former fiance, Kent has taken some time to reevaluate her life and relationships. According to Us Weekly, she has removed his name from all social media accounts and taken off with her engagement ring.

“My world is changing,” she wrote in her post. ‘I want to make the best choices for me and my family.”

She then revealed that she was “re-evaluating” her friendships with those who don’t support her. She ended a connection to someone rumored to be close with her ex, and severed ties with another close friend of his who was close with his new girlfriend as well.

Jessica Garris’ former girlfriend, Jessica Garris, took revenge on Lala by posting an article about the podcast featuring comments about her ex’s infidelity. Jessica expressed her displeasure with the news and called it “very hurtful.” Nevertheless, Jessica is now a fan of Lala’s podcast due to Lala’s candidness and empowerment on it.

The author revealed that she had decided to change her tattoo from ‘bRand new’ after seeing pictures of her ex with other women in Nashville. She explained that this change was made because she could no longer tolerate such behavior.

Lala’s recent rebranding of her solo tour as the Give Them Lala Tour has caused some consternation among fans. She recently rebranded it as a ‘wild ‘night out’ that promises insider stories, unfiltered commentary and Q&A sessions with listeners.

She’s also bringing her new book, Give Them Lala: The Real Story, along for the show. According to Lala, she wants listeners to feel like they can relate to her in some way or another.

Lala’s book is based on her own experiences, but there are some parts that focus on her father and his life before she was born. Lala admits those chapters were some of the most emotional she has written – she had to sob while recording them.

Lala also shares that her new book includes a chapter about her mother, who passed away in 2018. She expresses her deep gratitude for all of her mother’s guidance throughout life and the support from family members. Furthermore, Lala expresses gratitude for sobriety which has allowed her to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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