Lake Nona Student Death

Orlando Police Arrest Three Teens in Connection With Lake Nona Student Death

Orlando Police arrest three teens in connection with the lake nona student death

A student from Lake Nona High School was shot and killed early Saturday morning. The Orlando Police Department said K’vonte Dowe, 18, was shot in the 9200 block of Kensington Row Court. The shooting was the second Orange County Public Schools student to be killed in the past month.

First, a look at the victim

The dead boy was found in East Lake Park, a community off Dowden Road near State Road 417 and just north of Lake Nona Middle School. A dive team from the Orlando Fire Department recovered his body from the waters.

He was wearing a baseball cap that a neighbor had found in the lake behind his house. According to a report, the hat was in good condition and was the newest addition to his wardrobe.

His stepmother, Maryanne Simkulak, told police that the teen was a “lover of boxing” who had gone to the gym multiple times a week and was very fond of pizza. She said her son had a strong desire to go to college and had made it his goal to be in the United States Air Force.

Despite this, she says she was not surprised that he ended his life in a lake. She said he had bought the home because he liked the area and wanted to be close to the school.

Another reason she was not surprised is that she has seen other students from the school commit suicide. The school has been criticized for not doing enough to address this problem and she was concerned that this could be the start of something bigger.

The teen’s parents have been in touch with school district officials and are planning to talk to them about the incident. They have also been in contact with a representative from the Orlando Police Department who is helping them identify suspects and find out what led up to the shooting. They are still waiting to learn whether the three suspects arrested Friday are related to the crime or not.

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