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The Short Film Dear Basketball: Honoring Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, widely considered one of the greatest basketball players ever, is best remembered for his unmatched work ethic and Mamba Mentality which he instilled among teammates, as well as numerous game-winning shots he made during his five-time NBA championship run and induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Yet his legacy extends well beyond basketball; Bryant was involved with numerous modern issues including sexual assault and race discrimination before his untimely passing shook people from all backgrounds worldwide.

As soon as news of the deadly helicopter accident that claimed LeBron James and seven others spread, fans rushed to pay their respects and express their condolences. Many visited Calabasas to pay their respects while others, like LeBron himself, chose silence while processing privately; still others took to social media and shared fond memories of a person they considered friend, mentor or legend.

As time passed, however, public narrative shifted toward topics which weren’t useful or respectful of those lost in the crash. Many began revisiting 2003 allegations against Bryant of sexual assault which had since been dropped while some even revived old accusations against her alleging misconduct; such claims being widely believed as false claims made up by her accuser.

This is not how to remember an iconic athlete. While mourners should have the space and time needed to grieve in whatever manner is most comfortable for them, it is also crucial that we open up dialogue about Bryant’s complex legacy and discuss any questions raised about what could have been.

At that end, Dear Basketball, an Oscar-winning short film, can serve as an invaluable asset in starting such discussions.

This short is an homage to Bryant’s love and passion for basketball. The animation is stunning, while Bryant himself lends emotional resonance by providing narration for this touching tribute.

Bryant serves as an important role model for young people and it’s essential that we all remember his legacy goes far beyond basketball. He was actively engaged in several modern issues like sexual assault and his death was felt deeply across all sectors.

Whoever wishes to honor his legacy should use this short as a catalyst for discussion rather than using it as an excuse to silence critics or overshadow survivors’ voices – that will not only benefit grieving family members but our society as a whole.

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