Kim Richards Long Hair

Kim Richards Long Hair Revealed!

Kim Richards has long been at the center of attention. A former child star, she appeared in movies and TV shows like Little House on the Prairie and Escape to Witch Mountain when she was still young. Kim later made an appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for several seasons as a main housewife until season 5 when she temporarily exited; since then she has returned as a guest housewife; furthermore, it is expected she will return as a main housewife again for season 13!

Kim made headlines earlier this month for looking unrecognizable at niece Portia’s bat mitzvah. Fans were stunned when Kim, now 57 years old, appeared with sister Kyle looking completely different; her blonde locks now styled in soft waves with bangs to the side of her face.

Kim’s face has slimmed down significantly and she is sporting lighter makeup than usual, including a light pink lip shade, small smudge of mascara on her upper lashes, and some blush on her cheeks. Although she still opted for her signature hoop earrings and necklace for this special event.

According to reports by Los Angeles Times, Kim has recently been experiencing personal challenges. According to reports by LA Times, Kim allegedly owes over $100,000 in unpaid taxes, though she tries to remain out of public eye by trying to avoid media attention – until recently when she got called out by IRS for not paying.

Kim Richards has become a full-time grandmother and mother to her two children. She remains active on social media, appearing to maintain good relations with Paris Hilton Rothschild despite their differences, as well as co-hosting Watch What Happens Live radio show.

Kim is now happy and healthy despite her many trials, having completed 450 hours of community service work and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly. Additionally, she’s working towards sobriety while prioritizing family life.

Kim has had an extensive dating history, but Ken Blumenfeld stands out in particular. They started dating in the early ’80s but parted ways after one year – then continued dating various men while remaining sober during her years on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other shows such as Real Housewives of Los Angeles and Simple Life with her sister Brooke Wiederhorn and caring for Kinglsey her beloved dog.

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