Kia Soul Oil Pressure Switch Recall

How to Know If Your Kia Soul Needs an Oil Pressure Switch Recall

The engine of a vehicle requires oil to run smoothly, including cooling the engine and bearing lubrication. An oil pressure sensor monitors how much oil is present in an engine and relays this information to its computer, which then makes necessary adjustments for protection. When there’s too little oil pressure, the engine may stall or shut off automatically to prevent further damage.

The Kia Soul’s 1.6-liter engine requiresS3.6 liters of SAE 5W-20 engine oil, while the 2.0-liter model usesS3.8 liters. According to Kia, you should change this oil every 7,500 miles or six months, whichever comes first.

How To Know If Your Car Needs an Oil Pressure Switch Recall

Engine stalls or shutoff can occur for many reasons, the most common being engine-related problems like low oil pressure and a malfunctioning oil pressure sensor. Fortunately, these issues can be easily rectified by a certified mechanic.

How To Diagnose an Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure light is activated when the engine oil pressure drops below a specific range, typically between 30-40 inches of water column. At this point, the engine control unit will illuminate the warning light and may shut off the engine if necessary.

Finding an Auto Recall on Your Kia

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website allows drivers to enter their 17-digit VIN and check for any recalls issued for their car. If no recall appears, then the car remains safe to drive.

Recalls for Kia Soul

Recently, several Kia Soul models have been recalled due to engine fire risks. You may want to check the NHTSA website to see if your vehicle is affected by these recalls; these issues affect engines in models such as the Soul, Sedona and Forte.

Kia is recalling 1.6L Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines due to high exhaust gas temperatures. These GDI engines are equipped with catalytic converters which may be damaged if exposed to such temperatures, leading to irregular combustion and an increased fire hazard.

If your Kia Soul is subject to this recall, contact your nearest Kia dealer to book an appointment for a free inspection of its catalytic converter. They will then replace it if required.

Your local Kia dealership boasts a knowledgeable and certified team of factory-trained technicians who are eager to offer you top customer service. Their passion for your vehicle makes them the best in the business!

The cost of a Kia Soul oil pressure switch replacement varies based on your vehicle and location, but is typically between $72 and $88. Labor plays a significant role in the total price tag, so be sure to factor that into your calculation.

How To Repair a Piston Oil Ring Flush

Kia is recalling nearly 150,000 Soul, Sedona and Forte vehicles to address an issue that could cause the piston oil rings to burn up. This could result in diminished power output, engine knocking noises and smoke. To fix this problem, they suggest flushing out your piston oil rings prior to replacing them with new ones.

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