Kevin Alexander Accorto Wife

Kevin Alexander Accorto Wife Found Dead at Home

Authorities suspect the man suspected of killing popular Instagram model and social media influencer Janae Gagnier (known online as Miss Mercedes Morr with over 2.6 million Instagram followers), 33 years old from Richmond was found dead Sunday at her Richmond apartment along with what police believe to be her killer, 34 year-old Kevin Alexander Accorto from Florida who may have killed Gagnier before then committing suicide himself afterward.

Police have not released many details of this case, but do not believe Accorto and Gagnier knew each other prior to her killing. Instead, they suspect Accorto killed Gagnier due to an obsession with her and due to her being an influential figure.

Gagnier was an established social media influencer, amassing an enormous following through her website OnlyFans and social media. She had worked with celebrities such as Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion – her Instagram profile featured pictures of herself with friends as she regularly posted updates about her daily life with followers.

Gagnier was an esteemed mother and grandmother – her death has sent shockwaves through her many followers on Instagram, who have taken to her page in their grief – some leaving messages with flowers for Gagnier and others offering words of comfort or support – one user wrote “So saddened to hear this news”, while another called her passing a heartbreaking tragedy.

Law&Crime spoke with an insider familiar with the investigation to gain more information about Gagnier’s death. Our source said Accorto had become preoccupied with Gagnier’s appearance and style, had become addicted to cocaine and had spent recent weeks behind bars on drug charges; arrest for possession was made back in February; however other charges would come after that arrest.

According to Fort Bend County Medical Examiner, Gagnier was strangled and experienced traumatic concussion at the time of her death, according to reports released by Fort Bend County. An autopsy report is still forthcoming.

Accorto was a resident of Florida but did not maintain any public social media accounts, making it hard to determine whether he had any familial ties in Florida or business connections there.

Although his exact family circumstances remain unknown, at 34 years old at the time of his death it is likely he was single and living alone. According to sources close to him he did not open up about much about his personal life, suggesting it likely led to him remaining single at his time of passing.

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