Kendall White

What Makes Kendall White So Special?

Many people may wonder what makes Kendall White so special. She is a fearless libero, a communicator, seventh in the country. Read on to discover her most surprising traits. You’ll see why her personality and skills are so valuable. You’ll also learn why she’s a favorite among female volleyball players. After all, it’s not every day that a player can reach this level.

Kendall White is a fearless libero

Penn State volleyball’s Kendall White, a fearless libero, is something you don’t often see. In her first year, White was a freshman, but stepped into the starting role immediately and quickly surpassed sophomore Kendall Pierce and senior Keeton Holcomb. White is a great hustler and sets out at full speed to create spectacular bumps that will elicit a lot of aahs and oohs.

White was selected to the All-State team in her junior year. White joined Christine Funk, All-State setter, and is a force of nature. Ashtyn Curtiss (junior at Plentywood) and OH Kasidy Yeoman are other All-State players. Other All-State picks include Olivia Ackerman, junior at Fairview, and sophomore at Culbertson.

she’s a communicator

The Penn State volleyball player is a natural communicator. She encourages her younger teammates and works to make the team fun to play for. Her cheery disposition and focus on communication and organisation make her an ideal candidate for leadership roles. She also has her Real Estate registration certificate, which ensures she follows real estate laws. Kendall loves to travel and spend time on the Gold Coast outside of court. Her teammates have praised her for her leadership skills.

She is an athlete

It is not surprising that Kendall White, a volleyball player, is so athletic. She led the Fighting Irish to a 36-0 record and Class 4A state title, and is ranked sixth in the Big Ten with 343 digs. White was named an American Volleyball Coaches Association Second Team All-American in the past season. In 36 matches, she collected 366 digs, 72 assists, and 27 service aces. White recorded 32 digs against No. White had a career-high 32 digs against No. 1 Nebraska on Friday. This is second only to Alyssa Di’Errico’s record for 35 digs against Minnesota in 2010. White, a four-year letterwinner at Cathedral High School, led the Fighting Irish to an undefeated 4A season. She was also awarded Gatorade State Player of the Year honors.

The junior has a diverse background. She has volunteered with many organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, the Hollis Adam Foundation, and the food bank. She has also served as a volunteer at a house for disabled adults and has signed a National Letter of Intent to play volleyball at Penn State University in the fall of 2016.

Penn State’s freshman libero is not your typical college freshman. The 5-foot-5 White took over as starter shortly after arriving on campus. White took over as starter after Kendall Pierce and Keeton Hollycomb were injured. Her tremendous hustle and ability to lay out full-speed for spectacular bumps draws oohs and aahs from the crowd. White’s ability to do this will be emulated by her teammates.

The senior forward also excels in the defensive end, where she led the team to a victory over Minnesota. Her excellent ball control and defense earned her a spot on Big Ten’s Week 5 All Star team. White was recognized for her outstanding work ethic, superior ball-control, and superior defense, even though she was not among the three other players who were awarded honors. The athleticism of Kendall White makes her a desirable candidate for the WNBA draft.

A strong work ethic is crucial to the success of a volleyball player, and she has shown that in addition to her innate talent, she is also a strong competitor. White was a four-year letterwinner at Cathedral High School, Indiana. She earned first-team honors as a senior and made the first team. Besides being a talented libero, White also led her team to an undefeated season in 2015, where she won the Class 4A state title in her role.

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