Ken Griffey Jr Number 3

George Kenneth Griffey Jr.

George Kenneth Griffey Jr. (born November 21st 1969 in Donora, Pennsylvania) was an American professional baseball player who spent eight seasons playing Major League Baseball for both Cincinnati Reds and Seattle Mariners from 1989-1998. Widely considered one of the greatest power hitters and defensive outfielders of his era. Griffey also enjoyed great popularity outside the field due to his charismatic personality and swagger that served as an ambassador for baseball.

He has been widely recognized as one of the greatest players ever at his position by multiple sources, including ESPN, and is one of the most beloved figures ever seen on a baseball field. His iconic play and infectious smile endeared him to millions of fans; even after leaving sports altogether his popularity endured and was recognized with membership into both the Baseball Hall of Fame and International League Museum of Fame.

Junior Griffey grew up within the Cincinnati Reds organization and developed an early passion for baseball and football, watching games alongside his father – former MLB outfielder Dennis Griffey – from an early age. Junior soon became an outstanding athlete at Moeller High School; playing centerfield for their baseball team and wide receiver for their football squad respectively; eventually leading them both into NCAA football competition – such as Michigan! Griffey earned many offers to continue playing both sports at colleges like Michigan.

Griffey first joined the Mariners on Opening Day 1989 after an impressive minor league career and hit his debut homer against A’s ace Dave Stewart during his initial at-bat. That year he hit 56 homers and was selected to the All-Star Game – becoming one of baseball’s premier offensive forces.

Griffey continued his dominance throughout the 1990s and was an integral part of Seattle Mariners’ rise to prominence, building Safeco Field and making Seattle known for baseball. Griffey not only excelled as a batsman but was an exceptional fielder as well, winning multiple Gold Glove awards during his time with Seattle.

He was an integral part of the American League home run race in 1998, competing against Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire for dominance in that regard. That season he led all AL hitters with 54 homers while earning his second All-Star Game selection. Additionally, he proved an invaluable teammate helping lead them to their inaugural World Series victory in 1995.

Though Ken Griffey Jr was successful on the field, there was some controversy around him off it. While playing for Seattle Mariners, Griffey was linked with performance-enhancing drugs despite never being found guilty; although this caused irreparable damage to his reputation. It ultimately caused a split with Reds which ended his career. Yet even with all this drama surrounding him – such as being linked with performance-enhancing drugs – his legacy will live on in baseball history – either through incredible talent on or off of the field or his larger-than-life presence off of it; Ken Griffey Jr will always remain one of baseball’s greats!

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