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Karl-Anthony Towns Has Found His Groove Again

Karl-Anthony Towns has had to cope with the loss of his mother due to the coronavirus pandemic this season. Additionally, his work has been in turmoil as the Timberwolves have undergone many changes since he was drafted No. 1 overall in 2015.

Towns has been striving to find solace in his professional career and develop as a player – something which had not been possible with the Timberwolves for two years. That has enabled him to play more of an influential role on the court, something which wasn’t possible during those difficult times in his personal life.

His playmaking on the floor has improved, while his defense has also seen improvement. This has made a major contribution to helping the Timberwolves win games and reach the playoffs this season.

The most notable improvement is in his shooting ability, where he has seen an astounding 24% improvement in true-shooting percentage. It’s also evidence that Towns has found his rhythm once again when it comes to running around the rim and vertical threats.

Score frequently and on the drive, but he needs to be able to direct the offense when on the floor. That means making sure his shots at the basket are taken, especially when he’s blocking shots.

If he can accomplish that, the Wolves will be in much better shape next year and he can have a greater impact on their team. That is why it’s so important for him to prioritize taking care of the small details like avoiding foul trouble and reaching the line more frequently.

He needs to improve his defense in the post and against double teams. While he’s already showing signs of improvement as a defender, he needs to be able to make quicker decisions in those situations in order to maximize his impact on the court.

When he does this, he can be highly effective. He can drive to the rim, hit a quick shot, and finish with either a big step or fadeaway.

In that sense, Towns is the type of perimeter threat Russell prefers in PnR — rather than the traditional rim running, vertical threat. That’s why Russell must find a way to keep Towns in the middle of the floor when he plays for the Wolves, so that he can continue attacking the rim and create space for others to score.

Additionally, it’s essential that he learns to keep his feet moving and utilize their length when making plays in transition. That is why practicing his dribble moves should continue to be so rigorous.

One major area in which he can improve is his dribbling moves. His hands often don’t rise quickly enough when he’s moving, leaving him vulnerable for opponents to steal his ball and beat him off the dribble.

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