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KAdee Strickland

KAdee Strickland has made an enduring impression as the tough-as-nails Charlotte King on ABC’s Private Practice. Her role was so beloved that it spawned a spinoff series in 2013 and even a TV movie.

Since the show’s conclusion, she’s been acting in several pilots and films while raising her son with husband Jason Behr (Breakout Kings, Roswell) and advocating for sexual assault victims with RAINN organization. In 2013, she won best actress in a small role for her performance as Linda Haverford on Shut Eye – a Hulu original drama following fortune tellers and their clients in Los Angeles.

Katherine Dee Strickland was born on December 14, 1975 in Patterson, Georgia and studied drama while still in high school. Since then she has pursued an acting career and has featured in several award-winning films such as Fever Pitch (2005) and Walker Payne (2006).

She was honored with a Silver Star Alumni designation by The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and inducted into both the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Society.

One of the most significant aspects of her acting career has been her advocacy work on behalf of victims of sexual violence. She’s an enthusiastic supporter of RAINN organization and even designed jewelry that raises money for them.

Other notable achievements include her role in the 2005 romantic comedy Fever Pitch and an appearance on long-running TV drama Grey’s Anatomy as one of its iconic characters – for which she had already become a fan before it aired!

Over the past few years, she’s accomplished many remarkable things, such as becoming an on-screen mom to triplets on ABC drama Private Practice. Furthermore, she is passionate about supporting RAINN organization and has designed a fashionable jewelry item to raise funds for them.

KAdee Strickland and husband Jason Behr have just revealed they’re expecting their first child together, which they announced with a bang. The actress’ rep confirmed to People that she and her husband will welcome their bundle of joy in the fall; Atticus will be their name for this bundle of joy! After being married since 2006, this couple can proudly announce their exciting news.

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