Juno And Paulie Bleeker Costume

Juno and Pauline Bleeker Costume Review

Juno and Paulie Bleeker Costume

When Juno MacGuff (Elliot Page) is a teenager, she develops an intense crush on her best friend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). However, their relationship is fraught with difficulties; when Juno learns of her pregnancy, the news fills her with angst.

Ultimately, she opts to give up her baby for adoption instead. The movie doesn’t take sides on this issue, but does make a case for both birth control and adoption.

Juno’s costume features an orange t-shirt and shorts set, along with a fake pregnant belly underneath. It makes the ideal costume choice for fans of the film to wear to Halloween parties or other events.

These clothes look funky and are an excellent way to show your admiration for the movie. The t-shirt and pants are slouchy, so you can feel comfortable while wearing them. For a super stylish touch, add a green mini skirt for added versatility.

Paulie’s clothing is certainly unique, featuring yellow track shorts and a hooded sweater. To keep him warm, he also sports some knee-high socks.

His shoes are more ornate, while his boots look strange. You could try finding some shoes that look similar to what he’s wearing.

He also sports a bright red umbrella, which looks cool. However, it might be wise to invest in a raincoat if you plan on being outside often.

With this spooky Halloween costume, you’re sure to be the best dressed at your party! Dressing up as either a girl or boy will ensure that you stand out in this unique ensemble. What better way to celebrate the season than with this costume that will have everyone asking where you got it!

Juno’s Stepmom: Brenda can be strict and intimidating, but she is also a loving parent who cares deeply for Juno. She will stand up for her when necessary, but will never put her in harm’s way or become abusive towards her.

She’s also a great friend who always comes to Juno’s aid when she needs it most, especially when Juno finds herself in trouble. She helps Juno select an abortion clinic without parental consent requirements and searches up Pennysaver adoption ads when Juno decides to give up her baby for adoption.

Her hair is long and blond, but not curly or wavy. She wears a bob haircut and glasses, but doesn’t have full eyebrows.

A Friend in Need: Leah is another close friend of Juno’s. Though older, she still acts like a teenager. When Juno becomes pregnant, Leah offers advice on what to do with the baby and provides guidance on where to get an abortion. Furthermore, she sits alongside Juno during her lengthy labor.

She shares Juno’s personality traits, although she’s younger. She can be a bit snobby at times, but always puts others’ needs before her own. Paulie and his orange Tic Tacs are huge inspiration to her but never lets it interfere with her friendship with Juno.

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