Julianna Farrait-rodriguez Net Worth

Julianna Farrait Rodriguez Net Worth

Whether you’re interested in Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez’s relationship with Frank Lucas or her career as a drug dealer, you need to know a few things about her. Her age, date of birth, and birthday are all listed here, as well as details about her lifestyle and how she was convicted of drug charges.

Age, date of birth, and birthday of Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez

During the late 1970s, Julianna Farrait was involved in the illegal activities of her husband, drug trafficker Frank Lucas. She was jailed for five years for her role in his criminal enterprise.

In 1975, Julianna and Frank were arrested in a surprise raid at his home in Teaneck, New Jersey. They were charged with being involved in the sale of two kilos of cocaine. She was also accused of hiding money in her home.

Julianna and Frank were arrested again in 2006. In 2010, Julianna was accused of trying to sell two kilos of cocaine in Puerto Rico. She was also accused of throwing bags of cash out a window.

Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday. In court, the Manhattan federal court ignored her pleas for leniency. The court urged her to focus on living a lawful and happy life.

Relationship with Frank Lucas

Despite the fact that her name is well known, Julianna Farrait Rodriguez is not very active on social media. However, her net worth is estimated to be around US$1.5 million. She has six children, all of whom are grown up. She has also made several arrests for drug dealing.

Julianna and Frank Lucas met in Puerto Rico in the 1960s. They began dating after the initial meeting. They were married for forty years. They had six children together, including Ruby Lucas, Betty Lucas, and Ray Lucas.

Their relationship was also a source of inspiration for an American biographical crime movie, American Gangster. The movie featured Lymari Nadal as Julianna and Denzel Washington as Frank.

Julianna was arrested for selling drugs in Puerto Rico. She was sentenced to five years in prison. She was released in 2010. However, she returned to prison a couple of times after her release.

Career as a drug dealer

During her early days, Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez was involved in illegal activities. She was convicted for drug-related offenses. She served five years in prison. After her release, she resumed her career in the drug trade.

In 2010, the Puerto Rican police arrested her for trying to sell two kilograms of cocaine. The authorities also arrested her for selling heroin and oxycodone. In 2012, Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez was sentenced to five years in prison.

Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican national. She was born in 1941 in Puerto Rico. She has brown eyes and weighs 123 pounds. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Julianna and her husband were involved in various criminal activities. They also had three children. They also exchanged expensive gifts. Their marriage was dissolved after she was convicted. However, they resumed their relationship. They are now living together in Puerto Rico. They also have four stepchildren.

Convictions for drug-related charges

During her lifetime, Julianna Farrait, also known as Julie Farrait, had a few criminal convictions. She was convicted on drug related charges and served five years in prison. She also helped her husband, Frank Lucas, sell drugs.

After her release from prison, Julianna and her husband moved back to Puerto Rico where they had their daughter. They continued to live together even though Frank Lucas was only a shadow of his former self. They had seven children together.

In 2010, Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez was arrested after attempting to sell cocaine in Puerto Rico. Farrait-Rodriguez was found hiding money during a raid at her home in New Jersey. She was then arrested again in 2010. She was sentenced to five years in prison.

Julianna Farrait also had a daughter, Francine. Her daughter was only 3 years old when her parents started their legal battles. Francine went to school with top grades, but experienced multiple incarcerations and suffered from deep anxiety.


During her years in prison, Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez was arrested for selling cocaine in Puerto Rico. She was also found guilty of hiding money during a raid on her New Jersey home. In fact, her infamous lifestyle was the inspiration for the character Eva in the movie American Gangster.

The American gangster movie was directed by Ridley Scott and stars Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas. The movie also depicts Julianna as a former beauty queen who starred in a pageant to win the title of Miss Puerto Rico.

Julianna and Frank were dubbed as the black Bonnie and Clyde. Eventually, they broke up, but remained close. In fact, after Frank’s death, his widow Julianna continued to help raise her husband’s children. In fact, her daughter, Ruby, founded a nonprofit organization to help children of incarcerated parents.

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